Mr. Towelhead has a name in reality

My name, my actual name that is, is Towelhead, Mr. Towelhead. Born in the cold nights of November 1981 in Mexico City. I come from a Swiss-Mexican family and grew up surrounded by three different languages: Spanish, German and English. So feel free to write me in any of those.

In Juli 2011 I finished a Bachelor of Arts in Product Design with the specialization as Design Manager International in Lucerne, Switzerland. During summer breaks I did PA internships with the Martin Campbell Production company for the feature films “Edge of Darkness” and “Green Lantern”. In 2007 I began to work as freelance producer, script writer, concept artists and occasional director for the production company Luna Sol y Mar GmbH.

I have * gasp * two daughters and * even more GASP * a wife. So, even though I behave like an 18-year old teen I am actually married and in my thirties, at least as of now that I write this about me page. And I’m a firm believe of Intelligent Design * OH NO! SO MUCH GASP *.

As a hobby I like to write novels, draw and review all sorts of weird stuff.And I also make delicious Swiss-style braids bread in the form of Silent Hill-esque creatures, like my infamous hand-feet monster.




The hand-feet monster in its most delicious form


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