Greetings dear weird-comic-viewer and other people of the Internet. I’m Mr Burningstone, and I’ll be your host for the night. And we have something very special for you. A feminist comic that is actually good. WHAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaT! Like, ACTUALLY good? YEAH! A Story of the Island Errance is, an on-going compilation of stories about characters in a fictional island that is half mystical, half controlled by regular humans. It is full of social commentary, topical issues and of course Donal Trump…

Hahahahahah, just kidding this comic is legitimately all fantasy and no activism. If there are kids in the room, well I don’t know, they are your responsibility. But if your crazy cat-lady, super-feminist, man-hating aunt is in the room, you may want to give her some change so she can buy a latte in Starbucks.

And so without further ado!

Mr. Burningstone reviews:

A Story of the Island Errance

A small group of humans live in a Mystical island that is full of fantasy creatures. Sounds cool right? Oh no! While you have friendly elves and faeries (that sometimes turn into a tree through horrific magic and pain) some of the other creatures are insanely powerful and there’s even mindlessly aggressive monsters. Good times.

All images belong to Carlsen Comics (editorial in Switzerland), Flora Grimaldi (writer and scenarios) and Maike Plenzke (illustrator). Used for educational and entertainment purposes. Get schooled kids, this is how you write a decent feminist story yo’.


The basic idea is simple. There is an island. Humans control on half. Fantasy things control the other. In the human side, all the humans are white, racist, bigots that destroy nature. As we do. The fantasy creatures are all in harmony and love each other and all is good with nature and magic (well kind of… they are a bunch of dicks to each other as well). Right off the bat the prince is a major jerk but gets into hot water when he tries to kill the wrong magical deer.

Black goo before Prometheus was even a thing.

Oh dear!

The prince Bran gets turned into a magical creature himself and now is forced to experience the horrible bigotry of his fellow humans. That is fairy tales 1-on-1. And from that moment on we go on an epic adventure as Bran has to learn from his mistake and change his ways.


Each book focuses on a different character in the island Errance. The first book focuses on Bran and how he got turned into a crow and his quest to first change back to a human, so he can human again (that is, so he can continue to be a spoiled rich brat son of the king) however, slowly but surely he begins to change as he experiences life in the body of another entity.

The second book focuses on the Mary Sue, self-insert, quasi Protagonist of the series, Macha. Macha is an immortal, all-powerful mage, all-wise witch that is a stealthy assassin a skilled combatant and she needs no man! MMhhhmmm… Oh yes and she can beat the crap out of five men twice her size and weight.


…and shit.

And with all that being say, Macha is so cool that I don’t even care she’s a feminist icon. Contrary to most feminist protagonist garbage like Rey from Star Wars or anything Marvel Comics writes now-a-days, Macha has a personality, she is kind but a little selfish, she’s capable but gets hurt and she may be badass but she gets her feelings hurt and cries. She has desires like a normal woman and even likes men (which seems sacrilegious to modern feminism, but she does).

Any way. The second book tells the story of how Macha became so powerful and why she is the way she is. It also tells the story of how the conflict in the island began and we get a good glimpse at the war we heard so much about in the first issue.

Macha taking names and slicing throats!

Damn! Macha 1 Humans 0

With that being said. The feminism grows stronger and stronger with every issue. While in the first (Bran) it was barely noticeable. In the second issue we see some bullshit about all men being sissies, and crying. All women are strong, fighting independent and all evil dudes are white, heterosexual racists… Because I haven’t seen that a thousand times of lately… And the last issue, well I tried to check it out, but the pages burnt my hands. So yeah, I could not, for the life of me read that book.

One more thing. I don’t know why feminist hate black people so much. But every black man in feminist comics is like huge and muscular, but is a giant coward that is afraid to fight. WHY!? I get that stereotypes are tiring, but now we are getting tired of feminist stereotypes, that aren’t even funny or cool to begin with.

Oh hi! I’m a huge black man made of stone, fire and BLACK MAN…

… and i’m a giant pussy who gets triggered with violence…

What. The. Hell. Feminists.


Overall A Story of the Errance Island has a unique style. The aquarelle paintings are pretty cute, and pretty graphic in terms of nudity and violence, and the drawings are amazingly detailed. The scenarios are amazingly well painted as well.

Flora Grimaldi and Maike Plenzke make a fantastic team

Never mind the naked fox. You thirsty incel!

It’s hard to review a good comic because there is not much you can say other than: It’s good. But This serie is absolutely good. Each book deserves a separate verdict and here you go.

Bran 10/10 – Good story telling 1-on-1

Macha 8/10 – Because of all the violence :)

When it comes to Issue 3: Sarah… well let’s say if you are a soulless, raging feminist you are gonna love it any way. You probably won’t buy it because capitalism sucks and all that. For us, regular mortals down here on Earth it was… kinda boring. 5/10?

If you want to check out my video format review of this comic, you’ll find it in my YouTube channel. Link right bellow:


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