Greetings dear weird-movie goers and other people of the Internet. I’m your host, Mr Towelhead, or Mr Burningstone as of lately. Bringing you another weird comic review. Tonight, we have something special because my latest review is in video form in YouTube, the most censored platform on the planet. Link further down.

In any case. Jawbreakers was written by Richard C. Meyer also known as Diversity and Comics, Ya Boi Zack and Comics MATTER with Luna and friends. The art is done by Jon Malin and the colors by some dude named Brett R. Smith. This independent comic was released 2018 (I believe) and it was an insane crowd funding effort making almost a million Dollars on three different campaigns (Original, Charity and Remastered). And now, dear audience we’ll take a look at this crap. I mean this amazing comic – Insert smiling emoticon –

Mr Towelhead reviews:


Hi everyone, this is YA BOI Zack. Let me tell a couple of dad jokes for like ten minutes before I even begin with my YouTube video. If you are familiar with this you know the author and his “youtubing” style. There’ll be none of that here. Straight to the point and on with it. Military, action, a giant monkey filled with treasures inside his belly and that is also looking for its lost soul… (what!) Well, are you interested? Check out this unique review in video form on my YouTube channel, the links are right here:

Jawbreakers Lost Souls Review PART 1

Jawbreakers Lost Souls Review PART 2

Now if you prefer a written review, Like I usually do. Here you go.

Jawbreakers is an American comic, based on the action flicks of the 90′ it’s absolutely bunkers, macho, banter and guns and ninjas and giant monsters all over the place. If you like this kind of thing you are going to love Jawbreakers Lost Souls by known NAZI leader of the hate movement ComicsGate:

Richard C. Meyer…

… Actual photo.

I swear I did not use any photoshop, that is a real, actual NAZI in the 2019, current year OMG I can’t even tots, diversity is our strongth, holly Mother ANITA and Ocasio Cortez please forgive me my sins.

Any how, let’s move on.


The basic idea is five underpowered superheroes are passed their prime and they are now a bunch of crusty old dudes complaining about midnight bathroom urges. Well that or The Expendables meets the X-men.

The Expendables

The Jawbreakers

“5 superhéroes viejos y chochitos” GOYA – 2019

Actually the basic idea is super cool. What if five underpowered superheroes became old and sad, and lost their idealistic nature. What if the new generation of overpowered superheroes were a bunch of pussies and succumbed to modern times pussyfication. When things go crazy the world needs the old, macho, relentless, badass heroes again. Hence call the Jawbreakers!

Like even the name is badass and perfectly descriptive. Jaw Breakers… period.


The story is… absolutely secondary to all the action. If you stop to think about it, you are going to get a brain aneurysm. But if you insist to know without getting too much into spoilers:

A monkey goes through a portal, and loses its soul (for some reason). It wanders between dimensions and gets gigantic and full of treasures inside its guts (for some… reason). And now the Jawbreakers have to help the giant monkey find the right door to find its soul… If this is not the stupidest story I have ever read in my life I don’t know.

The monkey missed its door…

Wuam, wuam, Wuaaaaaaaam!

Riveting I know…


This is were the comic really picks up! The art is done by superstar artist Jon Malin, who’s illustrated like billions of mainstream comics for the big two. Also known as Marvel Comics and DC comics. For me and other weird-comic viewers who live in Europe and other parts of the world, basically he draws Spiderman and Superman. There. The art is amazing.

I mean. Just look at the interior cover.

Godzilla’s true canon ending.

And then you have some crazy spreads like this (forgive me my thumb fingers in the photo).


Didn’t know Monkeys like golf but DAMN!

As you can see, the story is kind of irrelevant. The visuals are the real deal here. Now. If you have ever read another comic by the author (Meyer) you have probably noticed that he has a huge problem with transitions in action scenes. It’s insanely noticeable and almost a funny trait that has become like his signature. I mean:

Just check out the flow of these panels.


Freaking hell!

Because you naturally flow from casual conversation to heroic pose to disco dancing with heads flying.


When it comes to the dialogue Jawbreakers Lost Souls is basically a 90’s action flick in the year 2019. It is as offensive and kind of racist as it can possibly be, without being, genuinely offensive and racist. It’s what you could call edgy but… genuinely edgy and sincere. It’s cool.

Humor is subjective. For me the jokes and situations landed sometimes, other times they were lame. And yet other times I didn’t understand because I grew up in Mexico. I can guess that Americans are going to enjoy the hell a lot more of the banter and references.


Any way. The final question is. Is it good? Well dear weird-movie-goers and dear weird-comic-readers… it depends on your taste and expectations. Do you like mindless action, you are going to love it. Are you a genderless potato sack that is offended by everyone and everything, then you are going to mildly enjoy it.

Over all Mr. Burningstone is very pleased:


So, reviewing decent stuff is always hard because praise is not as entertaining as harsh critique, but honestly Jawbreakers Lost Souls is just pretty cool. It is flawed, but hell it is an independent, crowdfunded comic.

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