Greetings dear weird movie goers, and other people of the Internet. This is your host, Mr. Towelhead, bringing you, another weird movie review. Tonight we’ll be taking a look at a weird COMIC instead. Iron Sights, an indie comic by the leader of the hate movement Comics Gate and triple divorcee piece of shit Richard C. Meyer.

Iron Sights is a narco comic, border-town story by Richard Meyer, a pretty cool guy and illustrated by Ibai Canales. In the words of the author: Iron Sights is a border town, narco comic, trash book you would find in the public toilet of a slimy doctor. So, as a half Mexican myself I feel OBLIGATED to destroy… Erhmmm… I mean, review this piece of garbage.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:

Iron Sights

Narco comics (or Historias Rancheras as we used to call them back in the mexi-bronx) are basically cheap softcore pornography for construction workers. Not exactly high-class literature. However, most of these “cheap” comics aim to be the GREATEST, SEXIEST, most ACTION comic ever!

Wow… Compare this shit to the cover.

Ufff… that perspective. Are we on a planet the size of a basketball?

Iron Sights on the other hand aims to be f***ing garbage, and even so in the words of the author. Well. When you aim for f***ing garbage, that’s exactly what you get.

Concept and Story

On paper Iron Sights is a typical border town drama, and it gets that down to a teeth. It’s super depressive, semi realistic and characters on both sides (the good guy and the bad guys) are kind of sad bastards. Normally you would expect them to be cool, flawed, dark, edgy, sexy or something. ANYTHING. Unfortunately Iron Sights falls on the trap of the blank hero “so you can relate to it”.

Iron Sights is the story of a veteran sniper, Ramadi or something weird like that, who can’t get his life together. He’s divorced, working five jobs and barely surviving. Doing some things on the side, and, well he also kills rabbits to entertain himself.

Ahhh, how cute.


One good day he witnesses a bunch of cartel members about to execute a hot chick. So, like a nice guy, he decides to murder them all. And so the story unfolds as the cartel seeks revenge, he tries to find the girl and many more psychos come into the picture to murder and torture away.

And then there’s the stoic American mentor, a mute assassin, a torture hostel, dirty cops and every other cliché imaginable you have already seen a thousands times before. I don’t know why, but of all the clichés narco comics have the only one missing in here is the sexiness…

Left a 40 dollarinos poster. Right what you get in the comic…

Feeling ripped-off already? Just kidding by the way I still like the author… kind of

General Impressions

Iron Sights is like Tex Mex. It’s what Americans believe, Mexican means. Tex Mex food is decent-ish if you’re visiting from Uganda or Auschwitz. Narco comics are crude in a cool, dirty kind of way.

Iron Sights is cheesy marshmallow violence.

This is you after reading this comic.


This is the worst part of the comic. The two protagonists are blank Mary Sues. They are near invincible, good looking, great fighters and have perfect aim (even when drunk). They have absolutely no character development what so ever. The tough American barely talks, and is tough… Wow I haven’t seen that one before. And the f*cked-up Veteran is sad but has a heart of gold. Wow I havent’ seen that one before either. But you know, what ever, so they are bland. You would think the story changes them? Or something? WROOOOOONG!

The hero is a blank piece of wood at the beginning.

The hero is a blank piece of wood at the end. Riveting!

One of the stupidest things in the comic is that the hero has a side gig, a dark secret that he keeps. And it makes him kind of edgy, or realistic. It seems he sells drugs to survive, which is bad and all, but at least it gives him a flaw, something to work with. Something dark, something he can improve. BUT THEN… Oh no, you know, he was only selling imitation T-shirts… He is a good boy you know. LAME!

And the craziest thing in the comic is that half way through the story we learn the hero is a f***ing psychopath. And not like, exaggeration. No, no, no. He is a legitimate f***ing psychotic killer who enjoys tutoring and murdering innocent people.

Barge in the wrong house? No problem.

With a WAK, WAK here and a WAK, WAK there…

Yeah let us see the hero violently murdering an innocent bastard? So what now? Is the hero a lame, invincible Mary Sue, or is he a violent murderer and we should root for the villain. Taking about the Villain!


The only decently written character who changes through the course of the story (the only one with challenges to overcome, character development and really the only one we feel any tension for) is a minor villain who dies any way without any real consequence to the story…

There are also, so many side characters fighting, killing and dying with little to no real consequence to the story or the protagonist, the author wastes SOOOOOO many pages on inconsequential shit that is neither cool or sexy.

Hey look this guy doesn’t talk!

… wow soooooooooooooooo edgy…………

It’s just a useless waste of paper and time. Our time dear reader. OUR time.


In summary, Iron Sights is… not good. If you have never read a comic in your life, this might be interesting as a try-hard “edgy” comic. As a poor American imitation of the Mexican experience. There are better mainstream comics out there, there are better narco comics out there.

Iron Sights is a solid: 4 / 10

Oh, wo, wo, wo. Isn’t that like, a little harsh for a itty, witty, little innocent indie comic I mean it’s just one guy doing his thing. Come on! Don’t so harsh on them… MOTHER F***R!

They wanted 10’000 Dollarinos.

Got 120’000 Dollarinos and this trash is what we get?

Final verdict Iron Sights is a 1 / 10.

LAST MINUTE EDIT: Actually I really like the author. However, I REALLY dislike this comic… Sorry :(


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