Do you hate your life? Are you obsessed with Japanese culture? You thrive in the misery of others? If you answered yes, maybe or hell yes to any of the above: All About Lily Chou-Chou is for you. All images are belong to Shunji Iwai (director) and Rockwell Eyes (distributor), used fairly to shed light on a rather unknown yet decent movie.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:


All About Lily Chou-Chou

Lily Chou-Chou is a journey through the perils of youth (in Japan). That at first glance, seems like an innocent journey of friendship accompanied by ethereal music and an online forum mystery. But in the end, it’s of course depressing, weird and Japanese. Because who wants to be happy? Right? On that regard, did you know that estimated 1.1 Million people live with AIDS in America :D

It was directed and written by Shunji Iwai, produced by Koko Maeda and the music, a central piece to the movie was in charge of a dude Takeshi Kobayashi.


The thing behind the movie is Lily Chou-Chou’s music and the whole relationship/adoration kids have to it (or music in general). One of the main characters administrates an online forum about this Lily singer. The chat comments on the forum allude to the story and give hints to what is going on behind the scene.

The online forum is of course depressing.



On the other hand…


… The story is a tale of coming of age.

We follow two kids who meet in school and become friends. One of them is a studious guy, who comes from a wealthy family and is bullied in school, the other is normal. Yet a family dispute slowly corrodes the smarty kid.

The film is not chronological at first, and mostly it’s a bit of a testament of how people change. How we may go from being a victim, to becoming a sadistic victimiser. Because why make a motivational movie about overcoming odds? Right. Did you know, by the way, that around 250’000 people have died in the on-going conflict in Syria :D


The tone of the film is accentuated by the music. It’s sad (obviously).

Ah school…

chou-chou_happy times


The tone is drama, but not a touchy feeling, comical, motivational one. No, no. It’s full of family despair, bullying, murder and well, because Japan… rape.


You may definitely like this one if you are into the whole Japanese culture, or you want to be. All About Lily Chou-Chou is kind of like one of those Woody Allen-ish movies where everyone is miserable and pitiful, and you feel better about yourself through their stupidity and misfortune. But instead of a comical take on life, it’s all maleficent and cunning and you will want to cut your veins in the end.

Youth. Japan. Good times.



Mr. Towelhead is happy:

9 / 10

With all that being said, if you prefer something more “happy” you may want to skip this one. And keep your meaningless existence oblivious to the all the pain and suffering in the world.

Just kidding! By the way, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that roughly 1 in 9 people suffered from hunger between 2014 and 2016 :D

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