We all know Paul W. Anderson is a worthless piece of shit yet he seems to understand how to make money (kind of like Michael Bay and Uwe Boll). Back in his debut days he made a couple of fairly decent/interesting flicks though. Event Horizon among them. Considered a cult-following worthy horror flick, let us put that to the test and review this abomination of a movie. All images are belong to Paul W. Anderson (a director whom I despise and envy… you know he’s married to Milla Jovovich) and Paramount Pictures (distributor), used fairly to educate us about the true meaning of horror in space -.-

Mr. Towelhead reviews:

event horizon_cover

Event Horizon

A spaceship capable of bending the space/time continuum reappears on its own after many years of going missing. A crew of disposable cannon fodder is sent to die in horrific manner for our viewing pleasure, ehmmm…. I mean, a couple of really cool dudes is sent to investigate.

Event Horizon is a 1997 science fiction, horror, slasher film directed by alive Paul W. Anderson and written by Philip Eisner. It’s horror with a butter thin spread of cerebral science fiction as the dudes/actors talk about astrophysical theories that sound plausible, and have some barely decent dialogue scenes… But for the most any sign of intelligence is rather an excuse to get the blood and gore going.

In that sense Event Horizon is a much better film adaptation of Doom the video game than Doom “the piece of shit movie” is to its source material.


The basic idea is kind of neat. The Event Horizon spaceship has a – clear throat – plot device thingy that can bend space/time in order to travel faster than light. Any who, suddenly the ship disappears without a trace and reappears on its own later on. Empty. So a crew of disposable idiots without weapons or military training (obviously) is sent to investigate. Shit hits the fan as they go unravelling the mystery of what happened to the old crew and they slowly plunge heads first into hell, but unfortunately that’s not a metaphor… that’s what literally the movie de-evolves into…

The plot device, I mean, the Gravity Core of the Event Horizon.

event horizon_plot device

So yes, some parts of the movie look really neat.


The story is ok at first. It starts very strong, very tense as the investigators start to puzzle together what happened to their precursors. At the beginning we only get glimpses of the horrors that overcame them and slowly but surely the investigators themselves begin to sink in the madness themselves.

Dr. Grant, I mean Sam Neill being all explicative.

event horizon_dr grant

As usual, I guess.

Unfortunately as the movie progresses the plot, the dialogues and the acting spiral ever faster out of control: and the whole goes from scary, almost psychological horror to stupid, clichéd, bluntly-in-your-face, slasher, b-movie horror. Even the dialogues go from slightly insightful to absolutely stupid one-liners.


The movie starts with a decent enough sense of dread, throughout most of the movie you are kept in the dark, at first the hints are messed up, blurry and scary. But that also is thrown off the window in favour of mindless blood and gore.

Some of the special effects are quite decent, specially the – plot device thing – that bends space is really cool (it may look outdated by now, but for the time it was well done).

The scenarios and the slowly building fear…

event horizon_aliens

… are decently handled.

Unfortunately there is a LOT of bullshit acting, terrible dialogues and horrendous CGI. And things from bad to worse as the movie reaches its end.

In the final act of the thing the movie goes bunkers in the image and audio department. From jump scares to quick-editing, shaking camera, lens flares and really stupid non-sensical stuff. Like one second the bad guy was no eyes (which is cool), the next shot he’s got his eyes back (for no apparent reason).

Really dude?

event horizon_horror

Why be subtle right?

And the movie goes EXTREMELY gory near the end. But not enough to make it a cult-following worthy one because most scenes are cut really badly and really fast. Apparently because the studio thought it would be too much (you know, for an R-rated horror film), so instead of having a cool blood and gore movie the studio thought it would be better to have the excrement of an unfinished piece of shit that obviously flopped in the theatres.


Event Horizon is a wonderful case study of how a director’s ego and/or a studio’s stupidity can f* up a movie. The beginning is still quite strong and decent so props to that. Laurence Fishbourne and Jason Isaacs do a decent enough job of acting (as usual) and the rest of the cast is useless specially Sam Neill who at least is so bad it’s kind of funny.

So all in all Mr. Towelhead is… well marginally displeased.

5 / 10

It’s bare-bones o.k. Actually it’s a pity that the movie is forever lost in a limbo of mediocrity. It would have been much better to keep the movie tense, contained and focused to the very end OR, or, they should have gone full retard with the blood and gore. Any how, I hope Paul W. Anderson borns in hell for what he’s done to the Resident Evil movies and well Have it thee PAUL!

So thanks for reading and…

event horizon_dinner

Dinner is served :D

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