After a long slumber I am back (and yes, who cares!). Lets get on with it. Snowpiercer is a South Korean low-medium-high budget film with a bunch of really cool actors who got on the train. :D Get it? Because the movie is about a train! …. [lame] Any now, all images are belong to Bong Joon-ho (director) and Radius-TWC and CJ Entertainment (distributors), and we check ’em out for educational purpose, end of the world education.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:



End of the world, social commentary and lots of fight scenes! What else could you ask for?

Snowpiercer is a 2013 South Korean post-apocalyptical, action/drama film by Bong Joon-ho and written by Kelly Masterson. It’s based on a French graphic novel by some dudes Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette. It’s definitely not a typical post-apocalyptical film, and it’s so much more than a movie shot entirely in one location (which it kind of is). No zombies in sight, more than anything else our own humanity, social depravity and Ed Harris are the main antagonists. Yey!


The basic idea is to make a social commentary of a film, a criticism of how we create social divisions between what essentially is one species (us)… And to wrap that moral on a chocolate topping of moth*r f***ing badass action. It’s a one location movie, kind of like “Phone Booth” or “Buried”. On the other hand, the set design is so well crafted, each wagon has an extremely unique look and feeling to it, an identity you could say. So it never feels like a one-location flick!

I tell you mate…

snowpiercer_set design

Set design for the win-sies!


The world is plunged into an apocalyptical ice age after some plot convenience. One man defies nature by building a train that pierces through snow (thus the name) on top of a circuit-rail system that completes a round each year. Of course the train has only that much space and capacity for renewable resources, and so order has to be kept by gruesome means.

Society is divided by train wagons. The rich live in shameful luxury in the front wagons, and down the social latter goes until the miserable try to survive in the tail wagons.

One day the poor have had it and so the hero (Chris Evans) leads a revolution towards the front of the train. And this is probably the best performance you’ll see from this dude. At least until this point.


One thing they got right is the set design. Each wagon is unique, to say the least, and present a unique challenge for the heroes. A stark contrast between the shit they live in and the ridiculous luxury the privileged live in. It clearly is a parody of our society, but thank goodness, its not a boring commentary, but a very neat action film.

The rich have sushi while the poor have cockroaches…



… Only in movies. NEVER in reality … :(

There is nothing particularly brutal, or gory, as you might expect from the feeling the movie conveys (or the fact that it’s a indie-ish film) however its satisfyingly crude and violent. If that’s what gets your juices going.

The action scenes are the best part of the film and by far. They are quite the best of what you’ll see in a while. Badass, crude and uncompromising. From Korea with love bitches! Really good times.


Besides the social criticism, there is an undertone of religious criticism that doesn’t come so clearly forward. Or, better said, its thrown at your face with little effect on the story per se. It doesn’t make the experience less enjoyable. So… what eva’.

Tilda doing her thing’


… Good actresses be good. By the way, fuck you Scarlett Johansson :D

On the other hand the social commentary is less clearly shown yet more powerful and important to the overall moral of the story. Which is great in my opinion.


Snowpiercer is badass action, a great story and some fairly decent performances, specially from Chris Evans, considering his young age: actor-wise. And of course Song Kang-ho, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton and Ed Harris do an excellent job in their respective roles.

Mr. Towelhead is happy through and through:

9 / 10

Snowpiercer is a safe bet if you like action that is somewhat smart. If you like mindless action, you’ll have just as much fun with it. No matter how you slice it, unless you want a romantic comedy or some other boring shit, this movie is on target.

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