Greetings dear Weird-movie-goers, this is your host, Mr. Towelhead. Brining you, another weird movie review. Tonight we’re gonna be talking about The Host (not the Twilight in space crap, the cool Korean film). All images are belong to Bong Joon-ho (director) and Showbox and Magnolia Pictures (distributors) used fairly to shed light on an extremely cool, rather unknown monsta’ flick.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:


The Host

This thingy is a South Korean film from 2006 written by Baek Chul-hyun and directed by Bong Joon-ho. It is called a kaiju, genre-wise: A movie about monsters like King Kong or Godzilla. But its more than just “kaiju”. Its a drama and parody, yep you heard that right. Its a parody, drama and kaiju, all in one. And it has some documentary style political critique of our modern world. Good stuff.


The main idea is to make fun of monster movies but with a straight face. There is a monster on the loose all the while we follow a family of, basically losers, who get together to mourn a deceased family member. So the movie is like, SUPER serious and the fun arises from how pitiful, dumb and out of luck the protagonical family is.

Killin’ monsta’s is serious business, yo’


Seriously now.


With plot twists and surprises the story becomes original as it basically shows the middle the finger to Hollywood conventions and clichés. In a nutshell though, the story can be summarized (without ruining the plot for you) in this: A monster attacks the city and kidnaps the protagincal family’s young daughter, protagonical family has to rescue the princess, I mean daughter from the monster. Everything goes wrong :D

You mean we have to rescue a small child from THAT!


Nothing’s ever simple, right?


Parody or not, the CGI (computer generated images) are freaking impressive. The monster looks more than realistic and the way it interacts with humans and objects in its environment is very well done although sometimes it gets a bit dodgy. So, the CGI for once actually works for the movie and was done to further immerse you in the story… rather than trying to show off some CGI skills or something [see Silent Hill: Revelation].

Oh snap!


What kind of movie was this again?


The other part of the The Host experience that’ll immerse you further is that the monster’s design works incredible well for the movie and the dramatic/serious tone. Its original and unconventional. Its pure design one on one. Looks follow function. The Host monster is not cool, nor does it try to be cool, its pure badass. Its certainly not: Looks following an egomaniac-aspiring-artist’s whim, like it usually happens in Hollywood [see Clash of the Titans].


The Host is NOT a happy, cliché story. Its an accomplished seriously toned parody of monster movies, with one of the coolest monsters you’ll ever see. If you are looking for something different and well done, this movie is the emotional commitment you’ve been looking for.

The protagonical family…


a.k.a. The likeable losers

Mr. Towelhead is surprised:

10 / 10


If you come to this movie expecting a Clash of the Titans experience you may be disappointed but you’ll be surprised by its originality and the rather dark undertone. Other than having extremely off expectations The Host is worth every penny of time, emotions and/or money you invest in it.

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