So I finally succumbed to dubstep… muahahahahahahahahahaha, wub wub and so ononononon. All images are belong to Dan Hay (producer) and Ubisoft (distributor). Used to educate us on this badass game.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:



So Farcry 3 was released in 2013 by Ubisoft, the game was designed by Kevin Guillemette, Jamie Keen and Andrea Zanini and written by Jeffrey Yohalem. Its a first person shooter game with some elements of RPG (role playing games) like upgrading your gear and character, its a sand box game (open world game, in this case an island) and it plays in a contemporary world with a low dosage of mysticism.


At the end of the day its a first shooter with RPG-ish elements and environmental hazards, as in cool hazards like sliding-zip-lines, preying animals in the jungle and occasional land mines. And yes, Dubstep is kind of the musical theme of the game. Brian Tyler (music composer) would be to blame, for good or for bad :D

The “unlikely” hero…


… becomes a “likable” badass.

There is a slight vibe of AMERICA FUCK YEAH! All over the place, with the American hero becoming a sort of prophetic-hero-savior for the natives, killing Nigerian-Somalian-Jamaican-[stereotypical black villain dudes] pirates by the lots. And of course the bad guy is French, well I think he’s French :S but at least he’s not german, the german guy is a good one, of course you’ll discover he is half American FUCK YEAH!.

And lastly, its a sand box game, an open world game that incorporates a cool mechanic to further open the map. You can go everywhere, blindly, or you can repair radio towers that will reveal big chunks of the map for you.


Cocktails, the beach and sunshine!


What could possibly go wrong?

The story is, actually, neat. You are a group of naive, spoiled, rich Americans going wild in Asia until you go to a secret Island (a hint from the locals) and hell breaks loose as the island tries to devour you. Basically the pirates kidnap you and your dudes and dudettes for torture, ransom and slavery! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Any way, you escape and voilà, your mission is to blend in with the locals, rescue your friends and kill everything and eveyerone that is not AMERICAN FUCK YEAH! On the island. Have fun! :D

What needs to be said is that all characters around you are well written and acted, especially ally-advisor Denis and the main antagonist Vaas. These two guys do an amazing job of voice acting deepening the Farcry 3 experience like no other character.


As a first timer of the Farcry experience the controls were new but intuitive, everything feels natural and in a couple of seconds you’ll be running reloading and healing while taking cover with ease. Provided you are a hardcore gamer. Otherwise it might feel micro-intensive for newcomers if they have to think of putting out fire on your body, then heal yourself all the while dodging bullets.

Doing microsurgery while dodging bullets… sounds, micro-intensive!?


Well yes, it can get annoying.

You can upgrade your gear by crafting, for that you’ll need to hunt animals and do away with their fur (so yes f* Peta :), upgrading lets you carry more loot, bullets and money. You can also craft items yourself by gathering leaves that you’ll mix into potions for your syringes. And you can upgrade … yourself, so to speak, by applying new tattoos (?). This being the only mechanic that seems far fetch in a rather realistic game (but whatever).

Upgrading… yourself will grant abilities to improve your stealth, long range combat or brute force… skills.


The game provides a wide variety of options to play or even to progress through missions. You can take on enemies from afar, stealthy and silently or you can go in with brute force. Weapons, skills and environment provide tools for any of these approaches. Apart from confrontations you can explore the island you’re in and have a lot of fun. Sliding zip-lines, parachuting, hang-gliding, hunting animals, gathering special items and so on.

In between missions you basically have the freedom to do what ever you want :D

Wanna explore and hunt?


Go for it.

One of the gameplay’s aspect that I hated (although it was useful) is that “tagging” enemies with your camera will reveal enemy positions at all time, even behind walls or cover even when those enemies are far away. This God-sight becomes an overpowered tool that’ll make almost any confrontation a breeze, even in Master difficulty.

Shortcuts like tagging help you out in other aspects. Like the ability to buy the locations of EVERYTHING in the map, making exploration dull and tedious. Also once you’ve bought or unlocked a weapon, that weapon becomes eternally free across ALL stores in the entire map. It doesn’t matter if you lose it all, go to an automated store (everywhere on the map), re-equipp yo’self [for free] and voila all the badass weapons you’ve ever owned come magically back to you. :S


Although not every song is Dubstep, the genre is heavily represented EVERYWHERE in the game. So, if you like dubstep, good for you. Otherwise you way love the game but hate the music.

The acting, but specially the voice acting of Vaas (Michael Mando),


is out of this freaking world!

The voice acting is terrific (in a good way). A bit exaggerated at times but still, it was kinda’ cool to hear the protagonist scream in joy while using a flamethrower, or screaming in agony while running away from dogs and so on. And no one felt the idiotic need to say bad one-liners, so props to that.


The graphics are o.k. and all but most importantly, the game contains a bunch of animals, water and fauna that look pretty decent. It won’t knock you off your seat but the music in combination will drive you deep into the experience, specially exploration-wise. Water on the other hand is one of the best parts of the game, visual-wise.

The game is quite brutal in that regard, while there are no guts and people turn to bits or pieces, you quite graphically stab and kill people with a knife. And yes, there is blood.

On the nudity department the game offers only a teaser view of a painted babe on you. Provided you have a waist-upwards-view sex scene with said babe, but her boobies are covered, so that’s o.k., right? [rolls eyes]


The game includes a multiplayer campaign that is a story on its own. That was impressive, an entire story with characters to choose from and developed villains.

Just money making? Nah, Obisoft had the decency…


… to make a decent multiplayer campaign.

The game works a tiny bit differently as the focus is on shooting your way from A to B rather than exploring. Also you can change your load-out, so basically you can start a level with a grenade launcher if you like. The focus is also on helping your team rather than going solo (you heal a team-player faster than you can heal yourself).

The multiplayer campaign is o.k.-ish but too much combat oriented and it doesn’t compare to the main story (with exploration, story and upgrading).


Farcry 3 is a very well accomplished and finished game with decent graphics and (for my taste) decent music. The game features deep and robust combat and exploration mechanics and opportunities; unfortunately it also includes shortcuts to make each of these a breeze (no challenge, thus kinda’ boring). You can tag enemies with your camera (which the game suggest and encourages you to do), you can buy the location of all collectibles AND weapons you’ve bought are eternally free.

So in all Mr. Towelhead is marginally pleased:

8 / 10


It would better if it were not for the shortcuts, that are extremely easy to find and abuse (the game encourages you to), and the campaign is a bit racy and cliché (in a good way, but still). So there you have it. In my dictionary, if you like Dubstep and have a bit of a douche-bag in yo’ heart, consider Farcry 3 a solid 10 dude.

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