Among weird Japanese flicks, Funky Forest is la crème de la crème. As part of the weird movie review blog it is my responsibility, MY DUTY to review this monstrosity! All images are belong to Katsuhito Ishii (director). We check ’em out to disturb our souls forever.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:


Funky Forest: The First Contact

So this thingy is a Japanese weird movie (what a surprise) that was released in 2005, directed and written by Ktsuhito Ishii and Hajimine Ishimine… and Shunichiro Miki (goodness gracious I hope I pronounced them right). Its a weird Japanese movie through and through. If anything, it can be called a compilation… genre-wise.


Basically the idea behind was to make a compilation of different stories surrounding the theme of dating and impressing women. Amidst the “normal” stories, a bunch of bizarre “situation”/stories are presented. They are bizarre because of the weird creatures that inhabit the Funky Forest universe.

Basically some producer dude went:

“Dude its time to take it to a new level of Japanese weirdness!” – Producer

And all three directors went:

“Challenge Accepted!” – Director dudes

Challenge Accepted indeed!


I hope they wear protection :S


All the stories seem to be, somehow connected, but other than characters appearing in them, they have little to do with each other. There is an overall theme of “how to impress women”, which may be the only really connecting point. Never the less, the bizarre stories are basically a thing on its own. So there.


This is where the film shines forth. The boring stories have some funny moments but Funky Forest has gathered a cult status/audience because of the extremely weird and bizarre elements it features. You could say its just a bunch of dudes with creepy costumes and some cheap CGI (computer generated images), but its so much more than that. Let me explain.



no comments

First of all, everyone acts their part around the bizarre props and creatures, they deal with them as if daily business, its so natural how they handle the bizarre that it immerses you in the Funky Forest experience.

Secondly, the ideas behind the props are truly unsettling. While some of the bizarre things look funny, cheap or ridiculous… their design and specially the way they interact with humans is … disgusting to say the least (but disgusting in a cool way, mainly because that’s what the movie intended to).



Gotta check the service tubes…


The movie has a comical side to it [somewhere]. But my guess is that you have to be a Japanese culture insider to fully understand the humor behind it. For me, your regular day round-eye-er, I laughed a bit but for the most it was pure unsettling weirdness. How to recommend this movie is difficult. Basically. If you want to see a truly BIZARRE Japanese movie, well then.

Mr. Towelhead is happy:

9 / 10

Weird Movie of the Century

HOWEVER! If you are not particularly interested in being weirded-out consider funky forest a solid 3 / 10. If you want to become a weird-movie-savy consider this one your homework, otherwise, give this movie a pass.

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