Three… Extremes is a horrific compilation of three horror movies, by three different directors from three different eastern countries. Chances are at least one of them ought to be good! All images belong to their respective directors and we check ’em out for educational purposes, education of horror! Mate!

Mr. Towelhead reviews:


Three… Extremes

Three… Extremes is a horror compilation sequel to the project born in 2002 with the first Three. Its three “short” movies, three different directors, three different countries. Three… Extremes came out in 2004 and contains the movies Dumplings by Fruit Chan fro’ Hong Kong, Cut by Park Chan-wook fro’ South Korea and Box by Takashi Miike fro’ Japan.

I was expecting two low-budget pieces crap until the last short by “master of horror” Takashi Miike, but I was surprisingly… surprised… so to speak. So lets get on with it, one movie at a time.



a recipe of cleavage, I mean horror

Dumplings is the story of an aging actress who is desperate to re-gain her youth (at least the looks), her husband doesn’t pay her attention because she is getting old as well (which comes out really forced since she’s not that bad looking). She finds out a mysterious woman serving dumblings with a secret ingredient, a recipe that’ll make her look young again. The treatment works and the protagonist’s life goes back on track, better than ever before.

The horror element comes from what the secret ingredient actually is… muhahaha and from all the moral and legal trouble that ensue.

In conclusion the movie is a bit tense although its really obvious what the secret ingredient is. Never the less the most horror and tension come from what lengths the protagonist and the mysterious woman are willing to go, to get and eat said ingredient. So the movie will shock a little because of the element of surprise and really disturb you because the protagonists does some really nasty things fully aware of what is going on.

Dumplings is quite decent at the end of the day, its not surprising it got turned into a feature length film later one. While I personally didn’t like it at all, objectively speaking Mr. Towelhead gives it a solid:

8 / 10


how far, is too far?



Well this looks nothing like SAW, right?

Call is the story of a successful movie director who is kidnapped by a crazy extra who plays a SAW kind of game with the movie director and his wife. So there goes all sense of originality. Basically the crazy extra has the director do all sorts of crazy stuff or else he’ll cut fingers from the wife until each task is done. The movie ends with a couple of twist that were boring, uninspiring a bit of a mess and completely illogical.

So maybe I didn’t get the end but regardless the whole Call experience (save for the end) was actually quite tense, morbid and unintentionally funny. You knew bad stuff was about to happen but the slow depictions of pain, helplessness, uselessness and so on made the movie enjoyable. In a very, VERY dark way. And some of the twist were marginally funny.

This was my personal favorite, however the movie is not very original and the twist at the end is boring (at best) or just plain incomprehensible. Objectively Mr. Towelhead gives it a:

6 / 10


Oh snap!



Last but not least Miike takes a dump on our cinematic eyes :S

So the last one is by famous horror director Takashi Miike. Box is a very bizarre movie about a girl having nightmares of what seems to be the past, nightmares where she or her sister is buried alive inside a small box.

Each nightmare kind of points in another director, rather than telling the story further. At times she died, at times it was her sister who die, then there is a whole lot about arson and implied child sexual abuse, or something. Finally, once you have no clue of what the f’ is going on, the movie ends showing you a monster. Tada!

Unfortunately the “monster” is SO badly done you can’t help but laugh. The dreams kinda’ make sense once you see what she actually is (what kind of monster she is). But its just sad that all the weird-out feelings you’re carrying from the story end with a burst of pitiful laughter. Bare in mind that you’re not going to be curious or afraid, Box is pure WTF moments [WTF = what the f*].

Its seems futile to find something decent in the chaos of Box, objectively it deserves nothing, but lets feel sorry for the master of Japanese horror and give it a:

2 / 10

There is an eerie stillness about the film that is fairly decent…


… but no amount of analysis compensates for a slow and boring movie.

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