So lets get naughty with an in-“famous” piece of Japanese pink cinema. Tokyo Decadence is truly what it promises, decadent. But is it a good movie any way? Lets find out. All images belong to Ryu Murakami (director) and Cinema Epoch (distributor), and we’ll be horrified for educational purposes :D

Mr. Towelhead reviews:


Tokyo Decadence

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So the thingy is a 1992 Flapanese, I mean Japanese pink film, and by pink it means Japanese movies with adult oriented themes. It’s basically a weird-porn, “softporn” movie with some sort of a drama behind. The movie was directed and written by Ryu Murakami and distributed by Cinema Epoch.


The movie exploits very vivid sexual images of really perverted stuff (without showing explicit genitals, because you know that would be awful). And somewhere along the line it also includes a drama. Amidst the decadence the protagonist visits a fortune teller who guides her (basically to further misery) and at the end of the movie the protagonist embarks on a tragic journey to find true love.


Basically we follow the protagonist, a specialized prostitute for rich Japanese business men. These crazy dudes in turn have some of the strangest and nasties fantasies and so they hire the protagonist to fulfill them. And we are talking about some serious s* like asphyxiophilia, necrophilia fantasies, hardcore SM (sado-masochism).

Dude what is wrong with you?!


Damn this Japanese actors are seriously sick :S

For the most part of the film we follow the protagonist pleasuring these crazy, rich Tokyo-business-men according to their requests. At the same time everything is played safely, the dudes use condoms, they are rough but never really hit her or anything. It almost seems like regular business-day for her (the protagonists) and a regular relaxation at the spa (for the crazy business-dudes).

Lastly we follow the protagonist as she tries to find a former client, love-interest thing that was meaningful to her. And basically the movie ends during the search. Maybe implying that the search was futile (who knows).


So the movie presents to you some hardcore s*, but most things are implied, covered and somehow just not shown. Which is kind of silly. Because things are SO CLEARLY implied that, really on all accounts, they could’ve just shown the rest. Like the protagonist walking on all fours with a freaking dildo up her ass or vagina (I couldn’t tell where exactly) but the thing is fixed into place with tape, so you can’t actually see her ass or vagina… I mean, seriously? And on top of that the scene last for like hours.

The movie is really a recollection of perverted images, until the protagonist goes on her love-interest-quest thing. Then it turns into an artistic interpretation of drug usage.


Tokyo Decadence seems to use the pornographic themes to make itself popular, rather than telling a good story. However the images are kind of censored, while being explicitly implied (if that makes sense). On all accounts if you wanna be aroused, might as well just watch some actual hardcore porn, and if you wanna drama, just go for some Wuthering Heights. HOWEVA’

The seasoned prostitute will show you how its done…


Can you imagine some peps ACTUALLY like this kind of treatment?

One thing that I personally really liked about the movie is this: The protagonist meets a seasoned prostitute who does “even hardcore-rer” SM-stuff. And of course we see some of that :S At the end of the day they go home together to have a drink and talk. Later on the protagonist goes home, pretty oblivious of everything that happened around her. However, we as an audience see the misery of the seasoned prostitute. Like a grim reminder that all the decadence can’t pass our souls and not collect a toll. So the movie does have a hidden moral, if you like, and that impressed me and made me think better of the movie.

Mr. Towelhead has to be careful:

6 / 10


Tokyo Decadence is not a stupid movie that uses morbid content to further its notoriety. Its has a very decent story, and some very thought provoking moments. Unfortunately the movie presents a lot of really f*ed up images making it difficult to watch (and probably impossible to watch for many), and these instances of perversion are also far too many in the movie. Giving the impression that the film glorifies decadence, rather than telling a story about it.

And what a nice story, right?


Gotta love your job, right?

So there you have it. It is recommendable once you know what you are getting yourself into. So basically its not recommendable :P

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