Time to go artsy fartsy, The Fountain is romance and drama with space-faring tree-bubbles and Spanish conquistadores, so far, count me in! All images are belong to Darren Aronofsky (director) and Warner Bros. Pictures (distributor). Used to literate our ignorant souls in true art, or so they thought :(

Mr. Towelhead reviews:


The Fountain

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This artsy thingy is a romantic comedy, ehrm… I mean a romantic drama with science fiction, fantasy and historical elements to it. It was written and directed by Darren Aronofsky and released to our utter disappointment in 2006 by Warner Bros. Pictures. The movie went through a hustle of problems in production, but really, we as an audience couldn’t care less.

The amazing cinematography was done by Matthew Libatique, and the amazing music was done by Clint Mansell. Just wanted to mention this two dudes, because the rest of the movie sucks. Let me explain:


Basically you have three stories in one, all of them dealing with the impending death of a loved one and mourning. And the futile search for immortality, or at the very least a cure for death. Each of the three stories has the same actors in more or less the same roles, but the film isn’t hinting at reincarnation, rather it portrays three times the same dealing-with-death scenario under different circumstances.


We have three stories in which the male companion is searching for a something/plot-devise that’ll save his female companion from death. One of them is a Spanish conquistador looking for the tree of life, one is a contemporary researcher trying to find the cure for cancer, and the last one is a space voyager traveling the universe inside a bubble reaching for a specific star constellation where things are reborn (or something).

A crazy flaming-sword-yielding aztec warrior priest!


Dude! This movie should be AWESOME! Right?

Each story is a thing on its own really, brimming with potential, sadly each story could have been a neat feature length movie on its own but what little we get from each (specially the conquistador one) is barely enough to entertain you. Each story was its unique tweaks and twists but they become uninteresting as we are never given enough time or reasons to care. And even if you manage to emotionally commit to one, the movie switches to another story and all tension from the previous story is lost. SADLY.

All stories end in the same manner, just like the real world, death is inevitable. Each story tries to convey a message, like enjoying the moment before its too late and so on. Which is also good and all, but then the movie switches to another story with another message, another take on mourning and you’re, kind of, left in the cold with your commitment unfulfilled.


CGI or not, the imagery is very nice


… meow?

The cinematography is really cool and neat, well done and what not. The flying bubble with the tree and yoga master Hugh Jackman is impressive and slightly realistic (for its context). The conquistador story shows some really disturbing and well done images.

Yoga master Hugh teaches you the way…


… to something I guess? [see the story ain’t great]

Sadly the switcharoo-esque story-ies don’t live up to the incredible images.


If all else fails the music is BEAUTIFUL. Together with the images the music and sound conveys really well the misery of living with a terminal patient.

What to do?


Enjoy the last moments or search for the cure…

To be honest with you I kind of enjoyed the movie because my brain was telling me to like it, you know because it is supposed to be “art”. My brain was like “Its art dude, if you don’t like it means you are a culture illiterate, so like it BITCH!” After a while you realize, the movie is kind of a mess.

Regardless of all the music is even worth buying :D


The best way to describe the fountain experience is this: Imagine Schindler’s List, Der Untergang and Inglorious Basterds are all being broadcasted at the same time and you are strapped to your seat, your eyes pilled open watching while someone randomly-ish changes channels between movies.

Maybe you roll with the idea and are able to open three emotional-channels-of-commitment in your brain that can maintain different levels of tension and operate separate from each, but if that sounds complicated already you probably won’t like The Fountain.

Yoga master Hugh is not happy …


… just like we are.

I think that many are inclined to like it because they fear others will label them ignorants if they don’t; never the less The Fountain isn’t great.

Mr. Towelhead is sad

4 / 10

Bellow average AT BEST

Each of the separate stories had a ton of potentially, and they all could’ve worked great as individual movies, a sort-of The Fountain TRILOGY. I firmly believe that such a project could definitely work [even for mainstream audiences] in the hands of a better script writer and director.

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