It seems that zombies and vampires are the currency at the moment, but there was a time when zombie movies needed a good excuse to be made. Mr. Towelhead proudly presents to you one of his favorite movies from all times. 28 Days Later IS the currency in the zombie department. All images belong to Danny Boyle (director) and 20th Century Fox (distributor), they are used to educate us on a zombie movie well made.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:


28 Days Later

The thingy is a british horror film released in 2002 by 20th Century Fox. It was directed by Danny Boyle and written by Alex Garland. While it is credited for resurrecting the zombie genre, the movie is not just a zombie-flick. The movie is more like an action-drama and a reflection of our violent society. 28 Days Later could be considered a criticism of our society, but the movie is way too gory to be criticizing violence.


The zombies in the movie (if you can even call them zombies) are not the plot per se, they are a medium to explain the message the director is trying to bring across. And quite successfully so. Zombies in this movie are fast, aggressive and focused but they aren’t so because it was cool or fear-inducing. Oh no. They were designed so to further involve you in the story. They are strange and yet so human, they seem like a bunch of hooligans going at it, or a bunch of Xbox fan-boys going at it [from the safety of their cheetos covered sofas that is, just kidding I have an Xbox too].

Peek a boo …


… I see you

Through the zombies’ behavior our dark sides are reflected, mainly irrational anger. But most of all, through the zombie-scenario our really dark sides are reflected, mainly that power corrupts! [muahahahahaha] But I am getting into details…

Suffice to say it all starts with a couple of hippie extreme-animal-activist freeing a group of REALLY aggressive looking crazed monkeys from a laboratory and a few days later we have the freaking apocalypse. Thanks Peta.


What will make your day is the originality of the movie. Well, at least for 2002 standards :(

Fall asleep in an accident …


… wake up after the zombie apocalypse :S

The zombie-apocalypse was not a common scenario back then, but what also distinguishes 28 Days Later from the rest is that the scenario (zombie-apocalypse) is not played for laughs or action, or coolness, or what ever, but they take it very seriously, down to earth to make you feel lonely at first, powerful afterwards (you can do what ever you want), and finally it makes you long for a normal society again. The circle is complete.

The movie is a story about survival in a world gone crazy by our own hands. :D


The movie looks nice on all accounts. There are some truly beautiful eerie moments as the protagonists wander life-devoided cities in the UK, and really nice moments of tension as they go underground (you know, amidst a zombie-apocalypse). Just to name a few. And in the middle of the chaos the protagonists walk up in the forest to see a heard of horses wandering peaceful, its almost as if the movie wanted to give you a message instead of just showing something cool on screen. Life goes on, said through images and not through words. :)

A father’s love for his daughter sets the heros journey in motion …


despite hardships … that love will change the protagonists for good.

The movie also features some really decent moments of blood and gore, but not in a cheesy or cliché way, but a brutal and realistic way. Cheers to that.


The dialogues are o.k. and fit the scenario. But the best is that you’ll go through some moments of true character development. The main characters behave within the constrains of what they are supposed to be (doctors be doctors, soldiers be soldiers) but the characters will also change as the events of the movie affect them, for good and for bad. And that is a rarity in horror films.


In a nutshell 28 Days Later is tense as hell. The characters are well developed and you’ll feel for them, clenched to your seat as they try to survive.

On all accounts, on all departments. Danny Boyle (director) must have thought every aspect of the movie through. Not for the sake of being cool but for the sake of telling a neat story. And not only that, but the movie strives at giving you a * gasp * message at the end!

Mr. Towelhead is very happy

10 / 10

For a horror, action, drama 28 Days Later delivers an excellent film and more. The story, the characters and even the blood n’ gore department are all well done and well thought through. And not to forge the music, the soundtrack is also very well done (the sad songs are cool, the happy songs are cool, the fast-pase songs are cool, you name it).

If all else fails …


… the cinematography and music will convince you


This all brings us to the topic of the sequel, 28 Weeks Later. My inner self said: “Man, something tells me this movie is going to suck SO hard.” But oh no! I went to see it anyway in the vain hopes it might be, at least half as good as its predecessor. Well I was wrong. 28 Weeks Later is the most disappointing movie I have ever seen in my life and one of the worst movies of all times. Don’t sully your 28 Days Later experience, treat 28 weeks later with all the respect it deserves and simply ignore it.

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