Back then in the early beginnings of time Mr. Towelhead gave his naughty opinion on Gantz and for some unexplainable reason that became the most popular blog-entry in the Towelhead universe.

I just can’t imagine why?


No really why?

And so, in order to please my dear readers (not that I want to boost my blog, oh no) I decided to do revised and re-mastered, post-3D-converted episode of Mr. Towelhead’s Manga Review: Gantz. To excuse this blog’s existence I did my homework I read the WHOLE thing again, from beginning to the bitter end. All images are belong to Mr. Hiroya Oku (writer, illustrator) and Mr. Weekly Young Jump (distributor), and now without delay; Lets do it again!

Mr. Towelhead reviews… again:



The thingy was written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku and distributed by Weekly Young Jump, it ran from the early 2000 all the way into 2013. The Easterners genre is Seinen, manga’s for 18 to 30 year old males, and the Westerners genre is R-rated, action, contemporary-science-fiction slasher film (I mean manga).


The basic idea is kind of neat. Gantz is a machine (or is it?) that saves people just before they die in order to throw them into a sadistic game of life and death. The unfortunate bastards saved by Gantz have to hunt aliens with futuristic weapons or die (in horrible ways) while trying. What makes things interesting and frustrating at the same time is that Gantz handles the hunt like a video game but forgets to give the players freaking instructions.

Even dogs are aloud in Gantz’ game of death


For as long as they aren’t whacked to bits by angry aliens… :'(

In a nutshell Gantz is Realistic (within the scenario it presents) and FRUSTRATING! I’ll explain as we go.


The story is not as interesting as the concept may suggest. You can boil it down to teenies fighting aliens. But…

On the other hand the story confronts us (quite graphically) with serious stuff like war crimes, rape, bullying, amok, drug abuse, child abuse and so on. And it bugs me that such serious topics happen in the background, if you like, the protagonists really go about their adventure while bad things happen around them. The characters who have to deal with this kind of things are FAR MORE interesting than the protagonists, because shit gets real with them. You have some true character development (for good or bad) with these main characters until they just die and the story moves on.

Hiroto Sakurai’s story of abuse, attempted suicide and vengeance…


… is far more interesting then most other characters’ stories combined.

Another thing that bugs me beyond limit, is the horrible frustration you’ll get from the realistic portray of human idiocy… I mean, I know that humans are curious, stupid and cowards but Gantz takes it to whole new level. Prometheus would be proud *

You’ll get your share of gantz members, aliens, soldiers and the police getting on with it, bullets, blood and human parts flying all over the place and people literally just stand there watching with their f*ing mouths open, people walking as if normal amidst a f*ing war zone. There’s also plenty of instances where someone is slowly getting hacked to bits, RIGHT in front of gantz members (with powersuits on, weapons loaded and what not), and they just do nothing, they just stay there admiring I guess, their significant other screaming in agony or something. Just to name a few instances of frustration.

I mean DUDE! Yo’ partner is being eaten! … Do something!


… seriously …

* By the way, if you don’t know Prometheus (2012) is a sci-fi horror movie (marginally related to the Aliens universe) where a biologist is surprised by a horrid snake-like creature that is hissing and moving all menacing… but instead of running (like any brain-functioning human would do), he goes to the thing and toys around with it until, of course, the snake-thing kills him. And bare in mind that this guy was supposed to be one of the smartest people in the planet. Not cool human race, not cool.

So, back to Gantz. Many times you’ll be wandering “Why the hell am I reading this?


The style is quite impressive and realistic, and pretty much a hallmark of the Gantz experience, monster design, weapon and equipment design is impressive and realistically so. However there’s a few issues with the whole thing being computer animated, for one characters have an odd relation to the background, and characters have strange height and size ratios between themselves, but these issues are minimal.

Monster design is what you came for


Is what you get!

In the graphic department Gantz is all over the place. Extreme violence and nudity happens often in each volume and you’ll get your good share of really f’ the f*ed up moments of amok running, torture and rape. Have a nice f*ing day, I guess. And while the first issue is censored, somewhen along the line, the author didn’t care anymore and further on genitals are exposed in all their glory

Are you serious?


Excuse me? What did you say?



In the women department Gantz is a thriteen year old virgin’s wet dream. Super thin girls with giant [exposed] boobs flood the pages of every volume.

The story is extremely straight forward and slow. As chapters begin with long recaps, fight scenes are artificially prolonged with moves presented in every conceivable angle possible, and so on.


It’d be fair to say that I’ve seen better dialogues in a mime show.

Another frustrating thing about Gantz is that story-wise interesting characters are presented but they are left completely undeveloped. There is a group of mysterious people with supernatural powers, they aren’t aliens but they hunt the gantz members. But just as it gets interesting with this dudes, suddenly they walk off camera and never return.

And what else are we missing in a contemporary sci-fi


Vampires! … Of f*ing course!

There’s a couple of dudes with psychic powers (un-related to Gantz) who’s story develops on the topics of extreme bullying and vengeance but they also, kind of live in the background of the story until they just die.


I have really strong encountered feelings. Gantz is cool, but there’s a lot of really neat stuff that is presented but abandoned, its frustrating as hell and somethings its just flat wrong: Like Gantz telling one of the main characters to run amok in a shopping mall.

Mr. Towelhead is, well split:

If you like mindless violence and have never had sex, then

10 / 10


Otherwise Gantz is too much for its own good

3 / 10

At the end of the day Gantz explores some naughty topics (and realistically so) but the really interesting stuff is drowned in a see of boobs and violence. And the worst is the ending when [typical manga cliché] the whole world is watching the hero fight, and they all go cheering and trolling on the Internet.

What else is missing. A scene where the world cheers our Hero! Hurray! :D


… “oh please… spare me the bullshit” – Carver

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