As a rule of thumb movies based of, of video games are TERRIBLE unless you are able to turn off your higher brain-functions for like an hour and a half. Silent Hill may be the exception to the rule, strongly depending on your taste. All images are belong to Christophe Gans (director) and TriStar Pictures (distributor). Without further delay lets sink into darkness!

Mr. Towelhead reviews:



So the thing is a horror movie based on the video game of the same name [the game’s genre being survival horror]. Silent Hill belongs to Konami (in case you want to know). It was written by Roger Avary, directed by Christophe Gans, and released in 2006 by TriStar Pictures.


As a movie based on a video game franchise you may think that the story moves fast, but no. The film kind of tries to bring everyone on the same level (of Silent Hill lore) and so the story features long, uninteresting scenes and VERY awkward moments of bad acting (trying to explain or something). The movie goes VERY slowly and so you’ll be happy once the presentation is finally over and the creepy stuff begins. That or you’ll have left your seat already.

The only thing worthy (truly worthy) is the amazing special and visual effects.


I mean DANG IT! Poor stunt guy, talk about back pains at work.


Basically the movie follows a mom looking to save her child from a haunting of the past. The quest leads her to an abandoned town called Silent Hill. In the meantime the concerned dad is looking for his wife and daughter but is unnaturally unable to find them. Even though it sounds somewhat interesting, the concerned dad is only there to do nothing and be told information so that we, as an audience, get a clue of what the f* is going on. Which is silly because the movie doesn’t make any more sense. Its almost as if they needed a dumb excuse to cast Sean Bean (but I mean, Hollywood would never do such a thing :)


The movie thrives from the combination of bizarre scenarios, super-creepy creature design and the sound and music (not image department, I know). Everything comes smoothly together (within video-game-movie standards, so don’t expect a master piece of literature), it comes together to show us a neat horror story (except for the Sean Bean sections of the movie) and finally to drive you into the deepest pits of video game fanboy-ism.

Creepy: CHECK, Boobs: CHECK.



The ending of the movie screams video-game-boss all over the place. Which is what many people (critics) had a gripe about. But really? I mean, Silent Hill is a movie based on a … (drums please) VIDEO GAME! At the very least the extravaganza of CGI was kept to a minimum during the film up until the Boss Battle, I mean the final act of the movie.

On the other hand, the movie includes a good share of blood and gore, which is kind of obvious from a horror movie based on a supernatural, survival horror game.

Silent Hill – Lore

And… in case you wanted to know. The Silent Hill series dance naughtily close to the occult. Different game entries in the franchise swing between the madness of the subconscious mind and the quite frankly occult. And while the movie does not mention it directly, it implies it quite clearly… What I am trying to say is that everything creepy in the movie IS the work of the devil S: So, if that’s not your thing, well … now you know.

I am sorry to drop the veil for you, but …


A naughty little kid with supernatural powers granting wishes? – Suspicious –


I j’have to admit that, despite everything Silent Hill is one of my favorite horror movies of all times (a personal ten out of ten). BUUuuuuut… being objective I must say that, yes, the ending is a bit TOO MUCH. The whole Sean Bean exposition/hire-an-actor-that’s-hot-for-nothing-other-than-attracting-people-to-the-cinema parts where boring and unnecessary. And many scenes were long, slow and meant to explain but failed to make the audience any smarter. Basically the monsters are freaking awesome and the rest sucks.

Mr… Towel… head… HAS… to… be… objective [arghhhh…. pain, pain and what not]

6 / 10

If you are looking for a decent, unconventional horror movie, Silent Hill is everything you want and need and you will probably rate it a 9 or 10. If you are, a rather normal person with no particular interest in video games: Then yes a 6 out of 10 (or lower) is correct, mate.

And now a picture of a cat :D

silentmovie_catYou know, to calm down :)


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