This hidden jewel of a movie makes it into my weird movie review “list” not because its weird but because its one of the most unconventional romantic comedies I jave ever seen. All images are belong to John Landis (director) and Buena Vista Pictures (distributor) used to educate us on the cutest (and yet decent-est) movie you’ll ever see Stallone in.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:



Oscar was released in 1991 by Buena Vista Pictures, and it was produced by Touchstone Pictures (and Leslie Belzberg), the thingy was directed by John Landis and written by Michael Barrie, based on the theater play (I guess) by Claude Magnier. The american Oscar is also a remake of a French movie released in 1967, presumably also based on the play by claude Magnier.


Oscar is an oddball. I can only guess it failed at the box-office because people thought Stallone + gangsta’ = Action Flick. Instead they received a cute romantic comedy. A comedy set in a gangster’s world.

And of course every movie needs an antagonist…


… a couple of misunderstandings et voilĂ  you have an army of cops at your door :D

The basic idea behind Oscar is the long journey for decency as the protagonist, a gangster leader wants to go clean and become a banker. [Well at least he didn’t want to become a movie producer a.k.a. true evil]


Without going into, too much detail our protagonist is a gangster boss who is trying to go clean. So far so clear. But of course, everything goes wrong. Lost family members, a crazed cop who clings to his “last job”, a thief and a couple of psychotic murderers (or are they?).

The best is that the whole is set in a single day. The protagonist’s quest to become clean is due in a single day of movie where not only his new carrier, but also his daughter gets married (kind of) and other misadventures. As everything stirs against him, Mr. Stallone gets more and more nervous (and crazy) while his dreams crumble before him.


Or better known as Unique Selling Proposition. What will make your day, entertaintment-wise, is that Oscar is funny, cute, innocent, witty and has a touch of romance and “real-life” application (what I mean is that the movie happens within the boundaries of the believable, kind of).

Although the movie is rather innocent, another USP is Ornella Muti.

Ornella Muti


She’s really hot


Coming into the Oscar-experience expecting action, curses, blood, bad one-liners and so on will certain disappoint you.

What may be for many a breaker-point of the Oscar-experience is Silvester Stallone in the role of a nice guy in a comedy. Whereas for me (being honest) Stallone in the protagonist-role as gangster trying to go clean MADE MY DAY. It goes so much against the norm of Stallone, and honestly the man did a VERY decent job as comedian.

And of course what would a Stallone film be without…


… a couple of psychotic murderers who post their victims in the newspapers. Or, are they?


Going into Oscar with the wrong expectations is probably the best you can do to RUIN the movie for you. Oscar is, for lack of a better word a cute, neat and witty comedy with nothing naughty about it. No graphic violence, no curses (I think) and no nudity (as far as I remember, unless I blackout-ed or something). AND the movie has the hint of a moral behind. NEAT.

Mr. Towelhead is very pleased:

9 / 10

On all accounts Oscar is worthy of your attention, just be careful to enter the movie with the right expectations. On the other hand if you can’t sleep tight unless you gore-night-compilation yourself in planet prochan, well you should go on rehab and wash away the darkness with something nice, like OSCAR!

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