After so many dark, sad, BAD and borderline satanic posts I decided to wash away the bad taste with some good old badass action movie. Starship Troopers is a movie that lies dormant between dimensions. Good, bad, weird, o.k.-ish? Lets see… All images are belong to Paul Verhoeven (director), Sony Pictures Releasing (distributor) and Buena Vista International (distributor). We use them to educate ourselves about the benefits of an authoritarian, militarized government :D, and while we are at it, about a cool movie.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:



The movie was directed by Paul Verhoeven and written by Edward Neumeier, based on the novel “Starship Troopers” by Robert A. Heinlein. It was released in 1997 by Sony Pictures Releasing and Buena Vista International. The thingy is a science fiction, action film with a decent amount of blood and gore and a fairly interesting utopian/dystopian political and military setting.


Basically you have a militarized, semi-authoritarian socio-political system that defines life in the future, but this is only a small part of flavor inside the movie. For the most it is an alien invasion movie with several twists that make it far more interesting than crap like Skyline or Battleship. For one the humans go to invade the aliens and not the other-usual-way around. The movie is also occasionally narrated via an online/broadcasted journey of us as audience in a futuristic computer/TV interface, and so the news and stories shown further enhance the starship troopers experience.

The movie is sprinkled with a surprising amount of details. For example the broadcast/online/narration parts feature “news articles” that have nothing to do with the movie per se, but that would have caught the attention of a person watching TV [they serve to explain what kind of a world we live in, thus, “indadvertedly” further immersing us into starship trooper mythology].

The Federal Network broadcasts news, encourages people towards war and…


… shows public executions D:

Another really cool aspect of the film is that the military of the future is composed of both men and women in an almost balanced ratio. On that note, the story of the film (probably like the book it originates from) proposes rather deep concepts of society and politics. Only citizens are allowed to vote, and own rights/privileges like for example permission to get pregnant. However, the only (“only”) way to become a citizen is after serving one full year in the military. :D Yey


The thingy follows Rico (Casper Van Dien at his very best, for which I blame the director Mr. Verhoeven for successfully beating a good performance out of an otherwise talentless man. Sorry Casper), a rich spoiled brat who joins the military to impress his girlfriend and gets caught up in events that spank a MAN out of him. A typical cliché movie would try to make you believe the protagonist was destined to, or had the potential all along, or some other Disney-believe-in-your heart b.s. But not in this movie! Rico is reckless, ambitious and vulnerable, just like, well, like a f*ing normal human being, with flaws and virtues. And the combination of circumstances and his ambition make a fine commander of him through the adventures and tragedies of the movie.


Damn! What the f* is that?


Should I be aroused or creeped the hell out?!

I got curious as to Mr. Verhoeven and saw that he directed Robocop and Total Recall (1990), and so you can expect to see a cool story with tons of blood and gore, naughty alien-, weapon-, tec- and spacecraft design, people dying like flies and a few boobies. Good stuff. HOWEVER, the movie doesn’t degenerate into a slasher film as the props and locations are fairly well done AND the acting is amazing. This speaks very well of the movie direction as Casper van Dien, Dina Meyer and Michael Ironside (and other main actors in the movie) are TERRIBLE actors otherwise.

What I personally liked is that women in the movie were far from our “standard” of beauty (even some of the ones we see naked). Denise Richards is hot as hell, but the others are charmingly normal. And before you go nuts, relax, you won’t see Denise Richards naked. :'( Oh wait, I mean, good for her… O{ oh no, angry cyclops has an angry faked smile.

Denise Richards, you, are, hot


Starship Troopers proposes a funny mix of conceptual and down-to-earth technology with really neat spaceships that travel faster than light but weapons that fire bullets exactly like a contemporary machine guns.


While the things said are definitely not Shakespeare, they fully accommodate for a military-based science fiction, action film. Even the poorly delivered lines make sense considering the characters are supposed to be poor boys and girls joining the military to get a chance in life.


After a long process of maturity the young kids of yesterday are today’s leaders…


… that is, the few who are still alive and sane S:

For a science fiction, action film devoid of clichés and featuring glimpses of a genuinely good story, Starship Troopers is everything you want and more. While I guess it is more for “males” than “females”; a hardcore girlfriend may forgive the gore and eye-candy in view of how decent the movie is.

10 / 10

However, … treat this as a careful 10 out of 10, if you prefer your action-flakes with mindless action and brain-dead, silicone blondes running/screaming helpless. Well, Starship Troopers may not be for you. Not that I have anything particularly against such things: I was in the premiere of Final Destination 4 and had the time of my life :D So… educate your mind with a good film or unhook yourself from the Internet and go out to enjoy the real world.

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