An old “classic” of the weird-movie-department, Mulholland Drive is one of the “popular” or “famous” ones. All images are belong to David Lynch (director) and Universal Pictures (distributor) used for educational purposes, to learn if this madness has some meaning behind :D or if its worth checking out, with your eyes. You know.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:


Mulholland Drive

So the thingy is a bizarre “art” film from 2001 written and directed by David Lynch, produced by a bunch of studios and distributed by Universal Pictures. It could be also called a critique and/or parody of the film industry. Or simply put its a crazy movie for the sake of crazy within the settings of the film industry.


Mulholland Drive is a weird movie that borders having some sense behind it, it pretends to be a parody of Hollywood and/or the film industry, but in a way its so weird it either misses the point or flatters the film industry. And… well, if the movie is even related to the film industry, on purpose or not, is up to you. And apparently the director really intends that, to leave the movie, the story and the concept… a mystery :S

I just really hope Hollywood isn’t controlled by blood eating reptiles… Wait that is another myth :D



The movie follows Naomi Watts as an aspiring actress that wants to make it in Hollywood/LA and falls into the arms of “former” actress/singer/something and mega HOTTY Laura Harring. Through Watts’ quest and through her “marvelous” acting she has some success until things get nasty as talent is but a small part of the equation that is the show business.


Aside from the “conquer Hollywood” story there are small stories shown, seemingly unrelated to the whole but somehow connected. For the most only related to the film industry per se. One of them is funny, whereas the rest of the movie is CREEPY as hell and/or paradoxically funny. Again, it all depends on how you take it. But I guess that’s the beauty of David Lunch’s movies.

Some of the stories are seemingly unrelated.


For my taste, complete unrelated, but who knows :S

I have read a lot about Mr. Lynch having a unique cinematographic style and what not, so… if that tells you something, well there you go. If you are a fan of the man you’ll probably know what it means. On the other hand, in the images-department the movie relies on images and situations that are odd and go from parody to thriller to creepy, all the way down to horrific psychological terror :D all the while passing through some really cheesy “horror” scenes. So enjoy.

Oh yes, and you’ll get your good share of actresses Naomi and Laura making out and what not. And the ending was like an 11 / 10 in the horror scale; in my taste-horror-scala :D


The things said fluctuate from cool, funny to some b.s. that makes absolutely no sense and only tries to be “funny”. Unless you are like a hardcore film-industry-jargon and David Lynch fan, most of the dialogues will be o.k.-ish and simply further enhance the weirdness factor.

The coffee scene is my favorite for its weird and parody value!



On all accounts Mulholland Drive is weird and fairly decent. I personally didn’t like it at all, but I can recognize that Mr. Lynch is very good at presenting an entertaining and yet weird movie.

Mr. Towelhead is… I don’t know?

9 / 10

In my absolutely personal opinion it deserves like a 6 / 10, but being objective, for its bizarre-value and cinematography it is an extremely well done project. I was bored a tiny bit at some parts of the movie, most likely because I didn’t get the parody behind it, but I was very entertained (and scared) by the rest. So rest assured that even if you have no clue of film-business you’ll get some bang for your buck. In the very least Naomi and Laura will give you something to mastur… I mean think about.

If for nothing else… the “hot” scenes are your redeeming value :P


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