After SOOOO many gore, weird, bizzare, etc. movies Mr. Towelhead wanted to review a… (drums please) nice movie :S … I know it doesn’t fit into the Weird Movie quota by far, but why not. All images are belong to Richard Curtis (director) and Studio Canal (publisher) used for educational purposes to educate you on a truly (gasp) decent romantic comedy.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:


Love Actually

Love Actually is a romantic comedy directed and written by Richard Curtis, published by Studio Canal in 2003. It features a long cast of famous British actors and actresses, but unlike other American-pieces-of-shit-like movies with the same premise (many famous actors-thus good movie), Love Actually is well done, well balanced between actors and stories, dialogues, relationship failure vs relationship success. And it has a good overall moral at the end. Some of the stories are cliché, so if thats your thing you’ll get your juices going. And some of the stories are sad, some other are anti-cliché, et voilà, every one is happy.

Bill Naughy is been a naughty Vampire Lord… ermm… I mean Rock Star.



The idea behind can be summarized in the first dialogues by Hugh Grant. If you read the text messages from the people inside the planes during 9/11 (maybe they realized they would die), if you read the messages they sent, you’ll see nothing but love. No hate, no revenge. At the end of the day we humans yearn for love and love is the most powerful drive around us.

The guy from Taken! in the role of a caring and vulnerable single-parent.

lovea_taken or not

Oh my! Liam Neeson u’re the MAN

The other main concept of the movie is to show us, through different stories, different facets of love. Sad facets, happy facets, comical ones, naughty ones, etc. And the movie presents these to us through well-known and not so well-known actors, and through really hot actresses and fairly normal down-to-earth actresses. Yey. My favorite is the Portuguese girl (nothing to do with a review, but she is hot as hell).


So basically we’ll follow several different people (who are loosely connected) through hard times, their quest for love and sex (intentional and un-intentional quests) and finally the resolution of the story. We’ll follow the prime minister, a successful writer, a softporn actor all the way down to the biggest and most cheerful loser of United Kingdom.

What are you doing in muggle clothes Snape!

lovea_snape smile

Alan Rickman with a smile… creepy :D


The flow from story to story is smooth, you’ll go through several ones but each is given its place and time. The “simpler” stories are shorter while the “heavy” ones are longer, just as they should. The short ones serve almost like naughty (delicious) snacks between meals.

On the graphic department there is nothing particularly naughty. There is some barely nudity and they occasionally let out a curse pass their lips. And Emma Thompson cries, with all of her acting power, so yes that’s gasp inducing and will make a knot in your throat.


If one thing can be criticized is that each character seems a bit too witty for his own good. Which is fine in this overall experience, and what balances out things is that not all stories have a happy end. Thus despite their witty, cool and well-meant/thought dialogues, life is a bitch sometimes.

The cliché stories have cliché dialogues, and the movie is, at the end, a romantic comedy.


Hugh Grant and some chubby girl…


:P I am kidding. Some duchebag and hotty Martine McCutcheon

You can feel from my word’sa! That I really liked this movie. Well, for a regular weird-movie-goer even I have a withered dark heart… somewhere, and for a romantic comedy Love Actually is the best and most decent thing I have witnessed. Right after the Addams Family (in my love-taste-list).

Mr. Towelhead is… sight:

10 / 10

For a romantic comedy I laughed, I enjoyed, I blushed, I cried. It’s hard not to recommend this movie in all it’s experience you’ll get every penny out of your monetary and emotional investment. There are other movies out there that think a big cast is a success formula. Like Ocean’s Twelve and Thirteen, or Valentine’s Day, so forth and so on. They ARE crap, Love Actually is THE S*T. So there.

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