Long time no see, this is season 2 of Mr. Towelhead reviews… just joking. I was just lazy as f*, sorry.

Mr. Towelhead takes another Youtube recommendation, one of those mid of the night gore trips of goredom. I just pity the girl that sat next to me in the train while I delighted in one of the goreiest movie of all times. All images are belong to Lam Nai-choi (director) and Golden Harvest (publisher). Used to educate you on this MEGA-badass gorefest of the naughties of naughty, film… thing.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:


Riki-Oh, the Story of Ricky

Riki-Oh, the Story of Ricky is a 1991 “Martial Arts” movie from Hong Kong directed by a fellow Lam Nai-Choi, the movie is based on the manga of the same name by Masahiko Takajo and Saruwatari Tetsuya. But really the genre is far from martial arts, actions or anything other than “stomach-revolting gorefest”, with some martial arts background. The movie, like the anime is based on the events where the protagonist goes to jail.


The idea behind this thingy is basically a film-edition of the manga of the same name. I have not seen the manga, but I saw glimpses of the anime series. I am glad that I have only seen the movie in all its hammy (bad/improvised acting), gory, decently-produced glory. Riki-Oh is a fun movie that tried to be a cheap slasher film and was SO WELL DONE that it became a cult worthy very well done gorefest. Its unrealistic as hell but well done in that regard and kept into what “could” be possible… What I mean is that people won’t be flying and such, but bad guys will try to strangle the protagonist with their own guts.

Oh snap the enemy’s got you…


… better not ask what he’s got you with… :S


So we have a dude named Riki-Oh who lands in jail for murder. He looks like a naive nobody about to enter the slaughter house… when suddenly he is revealed as the ultimate badass with a heart of gold. Basically, Riki is the kind of guy who would turn the other cheek for a slap, but that will pierce-falcon-punch-through-your-stomach… in self-defense for his life… of course. And in jail he encounters all sorts of nasties wanting to kill him for no reason… Tada, we have a gorefest.


The charm of Riki-Oh is that the gore scenes are, incredibly well done, most of them. For a cheap slasher film they are realistic enough to get your juices going. Decent props, tons of blood, x-ray shots, masses and masses of flesh blown to pieces, and so on.

I hope that is a watermelon and not his actual head :S



The other charm of Riki-Oh are the crazy ideas they come up with. Wether a guy gets out of the sewer just to watermelon-splash-blast open another dude’s skull, or if Riki-Oh regains his arm-movement by biting a knot of his nerve endings with his teeth, you name it… Riki-Oh is a crazy ride of original gore ideas with super decent props.


The said words are nothing to be proud of, they just serve the purpose of telling the story forward. However, the conviction the actors speak them is out of this world. Wether a scream for their lives or one of the most uninspiring scripts, each actors gives all their conviction to this monstrosity. With success. So knock yourself out. (slurp, slurp, slurp)…

Riki-Oh in his naive and badass glory.



Riki-Oh is THE gorefest experience, with a little extra sauce. If you know what you are into…

Mr. Towelhead is pleased as hell:

10 / 10

It goes without saying, if you dislike violence you should give this one a pass, or consider it a 1 / 10, if you want a movie with a decent story, depth of thought and unforgivable dialogues, well, honestly, what are you doing so far into a gorefest review?


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