This weird movie is really weird, well not really, perhaps for westerners it will be weird-ish at the end. But until then, it is a thingy worth checking out. All images belong to Mr. Park Chan-wook (director) and Show East (publisher), we check ’em out to learn about this badass film called Oldboy.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:



Oldboy is a 2003 South Korean film directed by Park Chan-wook. It is an action, mystery, thriller with a decent amount of horror elements to it. It is, apparently loosely based on a manga (same name) by the fellows of Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya.


The main idea behind is a story of vengeance and mystery as the protagonist is unwillingly locked in a spiral of violence and sadness. Given enough “freedom” to act on his own but unable to quit the game, to the point where the protagonist is given immediate medical attention when he tries to commit suicide.


The protagonist finds himself locked up in a single room with a TV for 15 years, without a clue why. He is given food and medical attention but no words are spoken to him. Finally he is released and given a grace period to find out: Why?

What better way to feel alive…


… than to eat something alive.

So he embarks on a crazy violence roller coaster to regain the lust for life and to find out why on Earth was he locked up for 15 years.

One of the really neat things about this movie is that the antagonist, is not some sort of mysterious man or organization, but after the 15 years of “imprisonment” the antagonist presents himself to the protagonist and convinces the protagonist not to kill him, before he can find out the reason why he (the antagonist) did this.

How do you fight an antagonist who is willing to die any moment?


The goal is not to win, but to find out the truth.


Apart from the really cool story and concept, the movie thrives from the images and resources used to explain the story, but most of all the fighting concepts. It presents to us, the COOLEST, most AWESOME fight scene you will ever see. Its crude, its non-chalant, its brutal, in a one-shot, wide-shot single, long moment of pure BADASS-ness.

The hallway fight is one of the most exciting moments, eva!


The movie is not particularly gory, bloody or nudity-ish, but there are some naughty scenes. Nothing that will revolt your stomach because of the things seen. But the movie does present the idea of things happening that WILL revolt your stomach… a bit.


The protagonist isn’t the most good-looking guy ever, but he is badass as hell. The action is nothing like choreographed, its brutish, real and naughty :D So if you liked the piece of crap, ballet-choreography that was Star Wars the Phantom Menace, you will not like Oldboy. What I’m trying to say is, clichés are not the South Korean way :D and that’s a good thing (if you like original, weird movies).

The ending is a bit, a thing to get used to, as it is a happy end with a bad taste of mouth :S

Ah! Such a cute ending…


… or is it :D

Mr. Towelhead is ‘appy

9 / 10

The Korean sense of humor, action and thinking is not something familiar to westerners, never the less the story is still intringuing and tense. The action scenes are the highlight of the movie along with some nasty torture moments. I would definitelly recommend Oldboy for an older audience, mainly for young-adult males.

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