Mr. Towelhead takes on a “youtube” recommendation. You know one of those, its 2 AM and you can’t stop watching gore compilations… erhmmm… I mean, cat compilations. So any way, I watched “A Serbian Movie”. All images are copyrights to Mr. Srdan Spasojevic (director) and Jinga Films (publisher) and we’ll see them for educational purposes on this gorestrocity of a film.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:

a serbian film_cover


This thingy is a 2010 horror film directed by Srdan Spasojevic and written by the director and a fellow Aleksandar Radivojevic. You could say the genre is shocker horror around the topic of illegal pornography, that is pedophilia and snuff films. And the “generalization” that Serbia (and the countries around) is the place to go when it comes to “legal” torture and illegal pornography.


So the basic idea is hard to grasp. It kind of gives you the idea, that “A Serbian Movie” may be a critique against the horrors of illegal pornography, while at the same time being entertainment through gore and blood (it is a horror film after all). But on the other hand it makes you feel very uncomfortable because the movie blurs the line between critique and glorifying its subject matter. Even though the protagonist disagrees with the things seen, the realism (because the movie strives to be realistic) and, at the end of the day, the ending or ultimate message, go in the direction of glorifying illegal pornography.


The movie starts like a drama, heavy and realistic…

a serbian film_family

… the dilemma of being poor and happy, or being a porn-star again?

The movie deals with a half-way retired pornstar/porn-movie-director who now lives a poor, but happy life with his girlfriend and son. Soon enough he is approached by an pornactress, former partner with a new job offering. A lot of money involved for a mysterious job, and you can already guess things will go slightly out of control.

What could possibly go wrong in an art/porn movie?

a serbian film_wrong

… I guess everything. Literally everything.

What starts as a strange art/porn film ends up being a drugs-induced prison where the protagonist is forced to do despicable sex acts on film until the tragic/gory showdown where everybody meets some sort of messed up finale.


The movie strives to be realistic, and succeed by all means in the uncomfortable department. On the gore department it is o.k.-ish. Some gore scenes are o.k., some of them are horribly realistic (so far so good), others are ridiculous and to laugh at (o.k. fair enough). HOWEVER, some of the despicable acts seen are rather realistic and just plain wrong.

Oh no… what the hell did you do?

a serbian film_oh no

… hint: that’s what lube is for.

We are confronted with fairly realistic scenes of rape, murder, necrophilia and even pedophilia (a scene so horrible it was become a famous “youtube: reaction to…” series of clips). My biggest gripe with the movie is that after all the horrors beheld I was hoping for the protagonist to go hostel on the bad guys. You know, at least give us some compensation, some justice. [Hostel is a horror film by Eli Roth where people pay for the chance to torture someone else to death :D] And that was exactly what I was expecting from the protagonist.

At the end of the day the movie presents you some horrible scenes with little compensation for it. I mean a bad guy dies being f*ed up his emptied eyeball socket, but not even that is enough. And the message the movie gives you is also messed up.

* SPOILER WARNING * All the good guys die, all the victims and by-standers die, some bad guys die but at the end, the remaining bad guys win. * SPOILER WARNING END *

So yes, a bad taste of mouth is guaranteed.


“A Serbian Movie” is very well made, it will involve you from the start, get you nervous and intrigued. Sometimes the bad gore scenes will drive you away, and the well done gore scenes will involve you again. But the scenes with pedophilia and necrophilia (quite realistic depictions of that) will make you extremely uncomfortable. I can only hope that the intent was not to glorify such horrible things, but from the end result you kinda get the feeling (the gloomy feeling) it was so. Or at least they hoped to get more attention through these things but failed at giving you a satisfactory ending.

Oh mate, what the hell! …

a serbian film_ending

Well “A Serbian Movie” is a horror flick around pornography so what did you expect!!

Mr. Towelhead has a bad taste of mouth.

– / 10

“A Serbian Movie” does not deserve a rating. It succeeds in being a shocker and horror film, but its too depressing and uncomfortable to recommend. It will intrigue you at first but drive you away through bad gore scenes and finally your sense of justice will be bothered, unless I guess you like some of the questionable thing portrayed :S

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