Mr. Towelhead wants to show you one of his most favorite movie of all times. (Drums please): Dear Wendy. All images are belong to Thomas Vinterberg (director) and Wellspring Media (publisher) used to educate us, on this super-neat, decent, uncategoriseable movie.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:

dear wendy_cover


Dear Wendy is a 2004 Danish, German, French and English movie (piu!) from 2004 directed by Mr. Thomas Vinterberg, and written by a certain fellow Lars von Trier, who apparently was famous because of a thingy called Dogville (film). The movie had a poor reception in the theatres, BUT its actually quite decent.

Losers of the town. Unite!

dear wendy_unite


Dear Wendy is a very original story (as far as I have seen movies), and it would be hard to describe the idea behind it without ruining the experience for you. Suffice to say its a very sad story about finding motivation to overcome laziness and/or depression. For being a “sad” movie it is, for the most fun and entertaining. The movie will convince you for the originality, the interesting image-references to the things said and the overall tension the characters manage to create in you, from silly situations to down-right really nasty ones.


The protagonists of the story are a bunch of “loser” teenagers who start a secret society around guns. And through them, they find the motivation, the inspiration to succeed in life or simply put, be happy. They vow to never use them and so their little secret becomes, like a visit to the psychiatrist. They meet in a secret mine to practice, lecture and otherwise just get more into guns. Through their re-gained confidence they invite other town “losers” to join them and so they uplift the spirit of others through their secret society/gun-therapy (so to say).

All for one… wait that is another movie.

dear wendy_gun therapy

The so-called Dandies, vow never to use guns out of their secret meetings :D

Things go well until something brings the motivational balance out of control. Because of course something has to happen eventually :D otherwise we would have a documentary and not a movie.


What makes the Dear Wendy experience is (a part from the originality) the tension it creates. You’ll be rooting for each of the “losers” as they manage to overcome their personal obstacles and attain their own character/worth. And you’ll feel for them as the world “around” them goes crazy and they’ll have to over come… the world.

The boy with the cranky legs…

dear wendy_overcome

Finds the strength to walk, if only for a little while :D


The whole revolves around the fact that the young protagonists of the movie live in a small mining town. Every one has to work on the mine to prove their worth, or success in life. Those who can’t work (because they are physically unable to) are considered the town’s losers. That is to say, those who can “only” work at the grocery shop. The protagonist’s manage to create a proxy added value to themselves through gun-related-know how. You’ll find similitudes with your own quest of finding your value in life through the things you like, and that’s the charm of the movie.

And then the seemingly “slow” movie will take on a crazy tension curve towards the end of the movie that’ll nail you to your seat! But remember that Dear Wendy, is truly no heart warming story! (Well, it actually, kind of is, in a very dark way).

Mr. Towelhead is very pleased (Dear Wendy is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIMES), so enjoy.

8 / 10

Being objective the movie deserves around an 8 out of 10 (personally I would give it a ten), its a bit slow at the beginning but for the most it’ll grow in your heart up until the heart-stroking ending! You can’t go into Dear Wendy with great expectations, its more like a little un-known beauty/secret you have to give yourself the time to sink into. :D

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