Mr. Towelhead dives into the world of weird movie in Japan. We start our trip with a naughty cult movie. All images are copyright of Shintöhö Palm Pictures (Publisher) and Mitsuru Meike (Director), used for educational purpose. Although you can argue, there is little to learn here :D

Mr. Towelhead reviews:



The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai, henceforth called Hanai, is a movie directed by Mitsuru Meike, written by Takao Nakano released in 2003. Its a so-called pink film, that is, a japanese movie with adult content, in this case softporn. The movie was, initially shorter but the director got the chance to expand on it after it received some positive feedback :S

For western terms, I would coin the movie as a weird, experimental softporn with elements of hardcore porn.


So the idea behind Hanai is that a stupid girl gets into a fight, takes a bullet to the brain and survives. More over the bullet makes her smarter and suddenly she utters very “complicated” philosophical/scientific stuff. The deeper the bullet, the smarter she gets and so she begins to push the bullet deeper with a pencil or something. And she gets all aroused at strange intervals of the movie to excuse sex acts.

That can’t be healthy :S



There is some sort of story behind, a plot if you like, surrounding nuclear launch codes. Basically a severed finger with the right fingerprints. And of course our protagonist (the girl with the bullet) has it, or at least she has something to do with it. There’s a bunch of people involved in trying to get the codes (or the finger) from her, while at the same time they have, basically indiscriminate sex with her. Some of them use her, some of them abuse her (Sweet Dreams) and some of them love her… So says the synopsis, for the most they all seem like random encounters and excuses for sex.

There is a hint of a story as one of the characters falls in love/uses the protagonist to access a secret place from where all the bombs of the world can be launched. And all the bombs are launched, end of the world and good night. And… somewhere along the line a girl (maybe the protagonist) sings the American Hymn. Parody? (I think stupidity and trying to be controversial).

There is a hint of a meaning behind it all. I gathered. When during the last sex scene the protagonist seems tired and unaroused, she simply walks away and begins the end of the world plot of the movie. Perhaps trying to say something, to complain about the sex obsessed world we live in. But judging from the rest of the movie I doubt that was intentional.


Amazing. I wonder how did they convince Bush to act for this movie? ;)


The images get crazy at times with “random” clips of war and politics thrown at you while she gets smarter, or something. I really don’t know if there is a higher meaning to that. The movie didn’t convince me enough to have earned further investigation.


On the right (with the bullet wound) we have Misuzu Akimoto alias Emi Kuroda (the protagonist).


She’s made a carrier from pink films and even kickboxing. So I’m glad for her. But honestly, she does look a bit retarded in this movie.

Fast review. Cult status or not, Hanai may have a deeper meaning to it, but probably you’ll only get it if you try REALLY hard to get it, or if you are extremely immersed in Japanese culture/language. For its entertainment value there is nothing really redeeming in it. You could very well say its glorified softporn. There are better Japanese weird/art movies out there and there are, definitely, better porn movies out there.

Mr. Towelhead is not happy

2 / 10

The only valid excuse to see this piece of sh* is that your film art-teacher threatens to fail you otherwise.

For the cluster f* of  images and the crazy idea of a brain-dead cosplayer/prostitute getting smarter by pushing a bullet into her brain this movie deserves some merit. Achievement unlocked: Rally so many drooling idiots to get cult status.

Well I guess this reflects a drooling idiot in myself, but better me than you. Be warned dear weird movie goers, The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai is bullshit.


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