Mr. Towelhead reviews Naked Lunch. Because, why the hell not. Meow! All the images are copyright of Recorded Picture Company (studio) and 20th Century Fox (Publisher), we check them out to see how f the f*** up this movie is.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:

naked lunch_cover


Naked Lunch was directed by David Cronenberg in 1991, based on the novel Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs. The novel is a story in it by its self, and Naked Lunch [movie] reflects many aspects of the book, mainly drug trip related aspect of the book. The movie takes unexpected turns, gets crazier when the protagonist takes drugs and the movie “relaxes” after a while, and it ends abruptly (like the book). The genre is … weirdness pure in the best case scenario. What I didn’t know and surprised me like hell was that the movie had a budget of 17 million USD and made 2.6 USD in box office [AUCH!].


Naked Lunch is a visual acid trip with a cause. Or better said, its a secret agent film with a nasty antagonistically force: drugs. Things get crazy. NO! Things get WAY crazy, according/parallel to the protagonist’s drug abuse. And the thing is, our protagonist takes on crazier and crazier substances. Not drugs, but just ape shi* crazy weird substances you wouldn’t even dream of injecting. But that won’t stop our protagonist from doing them. And so the film becomes a vicious circle, like a spiraling staircase going down into hell. But not Silent Hill downwards, more like Japanese weird movie with bizarre plastic props downwards.


The thingy follows the mis-adventures of a certain junky-writer-pest-control protagonist, who’s life takes a wrong turn after he decides to inject bug spray. I mean, why not… Right? He’s recruited by a secret organization and ordered to murder a specific person. And he then goes on a spy mission rampage, checking on other dudes, killing bugs and romancing his target’s wife. In the meantime his friends, or himself, or the bugs, or someone manages to make a decent book out of his notes. Not that he cares, the protagonist.

It’s a detective story with a twist…

naked lunch_detective

Nah! It’s a WEIRD movie.

As the protagonist fulfills his “missions” he dives deeper into the movie plot to uncover the mysteries behind two world dominating rival organizations.

Bla, bla, bla. At the end of the day the story ends suddenly in the middle of a situation implying that the protagonist will go on with his investigations and that he’ll be forever stock in loop of murdering his wife and falling in love with her again. :S


Naked Lunch has a detective feeling to it, in how the protagonist is dressed, and smokes while leaning on a wall, all stoic and what not. There is smoke in the air and the protagonist is involved in a series of detective-sque situations. In a way trying to be serious, or trying to be a funny parody but…

Fukyty Fuk! Where the hell did that come from?

naked lunch_typewriter


On the other hand Naked Lunch is filled to the top with WEIRD BIZARRE creature props somewhat animated. In the beginning they are small (crazy, but small) and near the end of the movie you’ll see production lines full of human sized… things… or better said, human/props inside rubber suits with tubes all over their bodies.


naked lunch_line

What? You thought I was joking when I said a production line?

David Cronenberg directed the movie “The Fly” and if you have seen it (and the sequel) you may be familiar with David’s take on horror. However in The Fly movies props and special effects where dim lit, half covered in darkness AND had a better quality to them. In Naked Lunch the “crazy things” are fully lit, right in front of you for several seconds so you can indulge in their improvised glory.


You could go crazy into details about the meaning of things behind the story. But, we’ll analyze it only for the entertainment value. It’s a weird movie, mainly for the sake of being weird… After you see this movie there is only one value granted to you as a person. You as a regular, or not so regular, weird movie goer have done your homework and watched one of the weirdest movies ever, that however, STILL has some damn sense to it. Be it story, meaning, parody or the improvised props. Some redeeming value.

Naked Lunch is weird, tries to be weird, succeeds to be weird and is somewhat enjoyable once you are committed to watch a really weird movie.

If you want to dig into the whole meaning behind it. Well good f***ing luck with that. Maybe its worthwhile. For the entertainment value of the film, watching it per se was enough weirdness for my taste.

And so, what should the movie’s rate be? …

:S / 10

A creepy “smiling” emoticon is the only discernible rate this craziness deserves. I personally liked the whole experience, as weird as it may be, even the sarcasm it brings when making fun of itself, but I didn’t like the props at all. So in my VERY PERSONAL OPINION it deserves a:

6 / 10

Naked Lunch is not a movie you will enjoy, it’s a weird movie that is weird beyond limit and if you are into weirdness, THEN it you will love it.



  1. I love the creepy “smiling” emoticon ! thats exactly how my face feels when trying to describe the movie to anyone myself’ haha well we love Naked Lunch here’ we’d probably give it a 9/10 xx Reddy xx

    • :D I think that if you like weird, bizarre movies Naked Lunch is definitely a good one 8, 9 or even 10. But for the budget the props could have gone places, at the very least be left more to the imagination.

      • Its the imagary that makes it a ‘cult’ isnt it ? i think being set in 1958 the imagery fits really well

        speaking in cult fan terms that is xx

      • I…. sincerely don’t know. I would dare to say cult status is because of the bugs (props), perhaps the fact that the director was “brave” and decided to create and show these things and didn’t care if they were not… commercially o.k. I liked the imagery a lot, and I felt it gave an either serious or sarcastic tone (can’t decide). Naked Lunch reminds me of The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha [a parody of epic Knight stories that is so EPIC it became one of the best books ever]. Naked Lunch is a sort of serious parody of secret agent movies, but its too weird to be only that. Its weird cult.

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