I mean “weird”, Amélie, its actually one of the most normal “weird” movies you’ll see out there. So then, the images are copyright of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and/or France 3 Cinéma Canal+. Used to show you the fabulous destiny of a young woman called Amélie Poulain.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:

amelie cover


The movie is directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and the main actress is played by Audrey Tautou. The genre is a romantic comedy. BUT! But unlike modern pieces of… human waste, according to what the romantic comedy genre has degenerated to, Amélie is funny, romantic, entertaining and DEVOID of idiotic clichés. Amélie is also a homage/parody of the Parisienne life-style. But unless you are French or acquainted with said culture you may not get that.


The driving idea behind Amélie is a woman who wakes up one morning and decides to save humanity. One tiny favor after the other. The selfless quest to help those around her, sometimes without them knowing is what constitutes the adventure of the movie, and what constitutes the charm of the movie.

Amélie to the rescue

amelie to the rescue


I don’t want to tell you too much, not to ruin the plot for you. Basically Amélie is a story that depicts the little cute strangeness in all of us. You’ll see and get many maniac treats of yourself reflected in open behaviors of Amélie, and while some traits of Amélie are not like yours, you’ll be able to understand.

For example: When I has a kid I used to play a game of walking on a tiled floors while avoiding stepping on the lines. It was only “legal” to step on tile-floor. And so I was walking awkwardly on the streets but I didn’t care because I was happy in this fantasy challenge. Such are the things the movie appeals to. Our inner child.

Its a mix of imagination and a desire to do good but in Amélie, its mainly about the part of standing up and ACTUALLY doing something good.

Of course Amélie is a romantic comedy, so there is a love story in between. There is also a message about dealing with depression and loneliness. The story is not unrealistic as a whole (with or without all the fantastical elements around it), thus sad things happen. Not many, but yes not all stories around Amélie come to a happy conclusion. And quite frankly so should it be. Some of us don’t deserve happiness :P * just kidding.


One of the things that will make your day is the music by Yann Tiersen. The piano from this dude will make you jump filled with comical happiness during the movie, specially the theme song. The music has a tone of circus influence as well, a tone of Cirque du Soleil or something similar. Its rather epic then comical. If you have seen the movie Goodbye Lenin! (2003) you know how involving Mr. Tiersen music can be.

At the end of the day what I mean is that it’ll make you cry.

Somewhere along the film a couple of oddballs meet.


And they fall in love :D


Amélie conveys a positive message about helping each other in the neighborhood. It highlights the silly things we use to do and imagine as a kid, it portrays them in a funny and innocent manner. Its a love story surrounded by witty pranks and ultimately a proposition of what to do instead of sitting in front of the TV as a coach potato. If only one thing can be said about Amélie is: CUTE.

So finally, the hour has come to give a rate and just because I like sex and violence doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart! Sniff, sniff! Amélie deserves:

10 / 10

You will get every bit of time/effort you invest in this movie back and more. The humanized person of you that comes out of the theater/TV will be a better one after this experience :D

P.D. The only way you may be disappointed is if you expected a slasher film or something but how can you with a tittle like “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain”, I mean really!



    • I just read your review and I really enjoyed it, its always nice to see what each “reviewer” focuses on while recommending/warning :P
      Like I said, nice job.


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