All images are copyright of Mister Hiroya Oku, here to demonstrate, to educate YOU guys, on today’s topic. Gantz, the manga. Which, by the way is quite violent and sexy. So be warned. Muahahahahahahaha.

Mr. Towelhead reviews:



As mentioned before Gantz is illustrated and written by Hiroya Oku. In summary it deals with the adventures of a couple of young guys, who are taken away, seconds before their imminent deaths into a “game” of life and death. So basically, saved from death just to be forced to play in a macabre game of hunting aliens and probably… better said, certainly saved from death just to experience an even gorier and painful death. So far so good, but does it live to our expectations?


The concept behind the story is actually. AWESOME. And don’t worry about spoilers, this is explained to you in the first manga. Gantz “saves” people short before their death and forces them into a game of hunting aliens. They are given modern, futuristic equipment and weapons to do so. There is even a point system with the goal to win one’s freedom, or… or buying better weapons and equipment (you know, in case you like the game). There is a bunch of rules regarding the game, however… For good or for bad, nobody is explained anything.

I have strong encountered feelings regarding this. While I like the idea of keeping people in the dark and seeing how they figure out things. People come into the “game” without any explanation, and people get killed by the dozens in the most meaningless manner, because they lack any explanation. And you are wandering, “Why the hell am I reading this?”


The story is not as interesting as it may seem from such a crazy and some what original concept. The manga has some gruesome violence and sex scenes, so you’d think the story is also going to be mature…rer. At the end you have a couple of young guys fighting aliens… Have fun.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a simple story, it just seems that the concept of the story and the adult oriented drawings implied a more complex story. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m getting old :S


The style is quite impressive and realistic, and pretty much a hallmark of the Gantz experience. For example: People are teleported by Gantz like a 3D Printer, plotting layer by layer of human side, slices, so to speak.



Don’t worry she is being transported (naked of course)

What violence goes. Gantz is quite “realistic” in this department, with people getting slashed, blown to pieces, melted and so on in all of its realistic and detailed glory. Yey! And what not.

This is only softcore in comparison to other gore scenes in the manga


On the other hand it seems that every girl within fu***able age, is miraculously SUPER THIN, has GIGANTIC BOOBS and a ROUND ASS. Which is all good and dandy, but SERIOUSLY?, every single girl? Not only that, they all have almost the same exact body and have a very serious problem with clothes in general. If you’re not seeing swinging pendulean silicon monstrosities every 10 pages or so, you’re not reading Gantz.

I mean, really who in their right mind would fight, let alone walk around like this


And don’t even worry about it, not only in cover and poster material does this happen. In the actual manga girls are going about business naked half of the time

naked bunch

Another aspect that gave me a headache was the redundancy of scenes. The author managed to create slow-mo with his illustrations. That’s quite a feat, by the way. However… Example: We see the main character jump, and realize he can jump very far and very high. So far so good. But then we get to see the jump from every possible conceivable angle, every inch of air distance the character travels in the air. Fair enough. We get it, the author draws very well. Suddenly you realize the manga ends and you barely went through the story because of the excessive use of page-filler techniques, like the slow-mo. Not only that, when subchapter ends, the next subchapter begins with a recap of entire sections of the story. “LAME!”

slow mo jump

A single jump can go for about 5 pages

What is well done, are the monsters. You rarely have seen such original, crazy, bizarre and cool monsters in a single manga. In that sense it is a joy to see what out of this world monster/alien design will come up next.


What infuriated me the most about Gantz was the fact that, although people were realistically portrayed and dialogued, they all have a tendency for stupidity. I know we humans are quite retarded, specially from the point of view of male teenagers (the obvious target market of the manga). That part of the story is well thought, perhaps too well done. People behave, die and get themselves and others killed in the most idiotic manner possible (particularly women). Its like people in the world of Gantz are conditioned to attain happiness by putting themselves in harms way.


The concept of Gantz is indeed appealing, the illustrations are superb. The action is heart-pounding but tedious and repetitive many times. On the one hand I can understand why some like it so much, on the other hand I may be too old (late twenties when I read it) and unable to turn off my brain to actually like Gantz. The non-stop fan service  (giant boobs everywhere) and people dying in the most ridiculous and meaningless ways drove me away from the story only a few volumes in. I was, literally, fighting to read on until I could no more and stopped.

Thus, maybe the story improved and the fan service was reduced to a meaningful erotic charm after I stopped reading (but I doubt it).

Also, like many other mangas. Gantz suffer from enemy giantism. The monsters they fight get exponentially larger by the page to the point you aren’t impressed by anything any more.

So the final note:

9 / 10

If you are into seinen manga with meaningless sex and violence you will love it


4 / 10

Other wise, the concept will involve you but the rest will drive you away

P.D. I was really intrigued by the main characters thoughts, as they quite accurately reflect what a 14 to 16 year old teenager thinks. And yet some of the things that happen are so unrealistic (never mind the aliens, weapons and the game host) I felt insulted in my intelligence. I mean simple human behavior unrealistic. No matter how crazy a situation is, we: 1. Don’t go about as normal the next day, we try and get to the bottom of it (we are curious, you know). And 2. No matter how dumb and retarded we are, we are self aware and try our best to avoid pain and harm.

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