If you have played Mass Effect 3, or if you are a gamer yourself, you probably have heard of the issue: Mass Effect’s Ending SUCKS. The disappointment with the game and specially with the ending is something without parallel (in the modern era of video games). People have complained in the past, no doubt about it, with little success. But now-a-days we have Social Media and the Internet to impact the industry like never before [that is, IMMEDIATELY]. Social Media to the rescue of, well, basically our WALLETS!

Mr. Towelhead goes into video game culture:

Social Media and Mass Effect 3’s Ending


Oh FACEBOOK, you did it again.

Bioware (developers of the game Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3) took one for the team and released a free DLC (downloadable content) with extended cinematics for sequences before the ending and extended cinematics for the endings themselves. While many think its like throwing a glass of water on a forestal fire, at least they [Casey Hudson, director of Mass Effect 3] actually did something AND in the right direction.

We have heard of other developers bitching about how poorly received their games were, going as far as blaming the customers. [I mean, obviously we are to blame for expecting good products from the people we PAY for said products, dah!] Bioware on the other hand heard our cries of disappointment and did something about it. FOR FREE! [provided you have an Internet connection].

I hope this becomes a precedent of how the Video Game Industry may grow and handle crisis. Capcom and other companies have done unspeakable things with DLC, charging us, the consumer, for content that is locked on the discs we BOUGHT; publishing games without endings and SELLING the endings via DLC. On the other hand Midway Games and other have showed us how DLC and social media interaction can be an enrichment of the End Product.

I mean Midway Games in the sense of publishing neat new characters via DLC, through gamers feedback and requests.

This is also a testament of how Social Media have influenced the industry like never before.

People have showed their emotions in funny and far reaching ways (which was always the case) but thanks to the Internet, the immediate online and specially through social media, these emotions have reached many more ears.

From memes:


To Facebook groups & Petitions:

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 9.58.17 AM

We have made out contempt known

People have SPOKEN, in a way that the developers can HEAR, and Bioware has HEARD. And for that, they should be commended. While in the past people have spoken, Social Media provide a vehicle to make our voices heard in ways formerly unimaginable. INSTANTLY, CHEAPLY, WORLDWIDE. Thus globalization may yield a few good things.

Casey Hudson (Executive Producer of Mass Effect 3), in my eyes you stand redeemed.


… Kind of…


As in a new verdict for Mass Effect 3, because without the new DLC I gave Mass Effect 3 a total of 2/10 in my review of said piece of crap, I mean video game … with the new DLC material and extended cuts for the endings Mass Effect 3 deserves a new total of:


The rest of the game is still, pretty much a giant piece of shit.




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