Cosplay (short for costume play) is the conscious act of creating a costume (dah) and wearing it in order to roleplay the target fictional characters, usually a cosplayer will imitate popular comic, manga and/or video game characters. The topic of discussion is not cosplay per se but rather a trend I’ve noticed in the industry. BOOOOooooObs … What I mean is that cosplay is becoming increasingly sensual and revealing. But WHY?

Long story short, all images are belong to their respective owners (presumably the dude or girl inside the costume) and we use them for educational purposes only to demonstrate how f*ed up we are. We, as humans.

Video Game Culture: Cosplay… and Boobs!

What the jell is this thing called cosplay! People dressing like characters from these, these … these pagan and violent video games :p What is this thing? A job? A hobby? A vice? From the “strange” realms of furry-ism, through the valley of occasional comic-convention goers, deep into the maw of darkness… I mean professional cosplayers: We have people, young and old, spending hours and hours (if not days) of hard work (and money) to become real-life versions of their favorite fictional characters. Alright, so far so good, but…

… What about the trend of showing more and more and more skin. So much so that people are calling some female cosplayers sluts. Why? WHY?! I believe there are three factors influencing this trend.

1. Source Material

Cosplay is by nature imitation, and when the most popular “source materials” are barely dressed in semi transparent dental floss there’s little the cosplayer “can do”. See Lara Croft, Harley Queen or [gaps] …
… Ivy Valentine

(C) Namco Bandai Games Inc. Design by Takuji Kawano

I mean, how can you do justice to this fanboy abomination? And Ivy Valentine from the Soul Calibur series is not the worst out there. So any way, if the popular characters people love and look after strive towards this “standard” of beauty it is only natural that cosplayers do the same. Right? Subculture heroes and heroines are becoming increasingly badass and revealing (respectively) and cosplay would only reflect that.

2. Popularity

Cosplayers have to earn their right to enter a convention by means of the quality of their costume and popularity of the portrayed character. Such contraptions hint at the fault lying in the hands of the event organizers and ourselves as well. Our idolizing… well “endowed” characters like Lara Croft of Mai Shiranui instead of, lets say, more conservative ones, is probably also driving organizers to fill their expos with Lara’s, Power Girl’s and so on.

It’s no wonder there are few Father Anderson’s out there compared to say…


… Clouds McStrife (or whatever the hell the blonde emo’s name is)

(c) by Shawn Tuffy, alias Negativedreamer. 2010

3. Our Taste

The fault for the drop on morals and good taste is ultimately YOURS! Muahahahaha, yes us as consumers have a BIG say in what is popular, what sells, what type of cosplayers will make a convention “better” or “meh” (which means average in online jargon, dah!). And so our infantile drives have deadlocked us in this incrementally spiraling wheel of flesh while going down the drain of dental floss. Or something.

By the way, don’t get me wrong, as a heterosexual male I do find female cosplayers attractive but I definitely wouldn’t mind a thing or two left to the imagination. While a good looking, well designed, sexy dressed woman is good and dandy, there is a fine line between sexy and vulgar. Designers often loose sight of this line while they are too busy mentally masturbating to their own perceived genius (more boobs + less clothes = me genius). Fortunately for humanity there is a physical limit to how big things can be before they look disproportional or bluntly put vulgar and unattractive. Physical proportions and notions of beauty have rules to them that no designer, marketeer can bend forever! MUHAHAhaha… ha!

Unfortunately the spiraling vicious circle of people desperately trying to get attention has, kind of, created exaggerated sexyness expectations for female cosplayers.

Cosplay can be fine and what not, but it can be too much.


(c) by Ivette, alias Ivy. 2012

This almost reminds me of prostitution. If there would be no demand for it, there would be no prostitutes. No pun intended. So yes, we could spend hours talking about degenerating morals, objectifying women and so on. But to make the story shorter I simply feel that less is more (as in less ebsyness and more imagination).

For good and for bad, my favorite female character of all times is and continues to be [ drums please :D ]

Millia Rage! Yey! Sexy, lethal and not too revealing :D


(c) by Danae, alias Rifa. 2006


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