Mr. Towelhead takes on Angel Densetsu. Word of advice, don’t judge a book by its cover, nor a human by its face. If something has an ugly cover, its probably FREAKING AWESOME, not always. But this time it is! All images are copyright of Mr. Yagi Norihiro and are used to educate you my dear readers, on how, at least this time, Mr. Norihiro scored gold!

Mr. Towelhead reviews:

Its a japanese shönen manga illustrated and written by Norihiro Yagi between the years of 1992 and 2000. If you are into manga you’ll probably know this dude from his work Claymore (and action fantasy sage with girls). And for those of you who don’t know what shönen means: Its a genre of manga for young male kids where the focus is on action, humor and bro’ bonding, I mean bonding between male characters through the trials of battle.

Mr. Yagi may not be the best illustrator of all times but he definitely has a good sense of humor and a kind heart (at least in this story, which he seems to have lost while working on Claymore). Angel Densetsu does all justice to the saying “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” and the simplistic yet humorist drawing style of Norihiro Yagi makes the whole Angel Densetsu experience even more enjoyable.


The story may be shönen, action-driven and what not, but the story is much more about how we come too quickly to conclusions, its a story about kindness of heart, about showing interest in others, caring for others, about growing more confident. And all this features are perfectly portrayed through the protagonist, but more importantly through his struggle to demonstrate this features in a cold world.

But don’t worry, dear manga readers, there is plenty of action and comedy to keep you entertained.

While there are plenty of cheesy love stories and meaningless violence stories out there. There are few love and action stories with such a good story behind. Mainly because the manga has a point to be made, and the journey to demonstrate said point is what drives you through. Humor, love and action are like french fries on the side of your delicious meal. They don’t tell the story, they aren’t the story, they simply complement.

If given the opportunity, what would you wish upon? …

… World domination, immortality or a true friend?

Its actually a pleasant surprise to see Mr. Yagi capable of writing such intricate and well developed story, considering how mediocre Claymore is (his opera prima). But don’t get me wrong. If you like awfully drawn meaningless violence mangas with an artificially complicated story CLAYMORE is right for you.


Angel Densetsu conveys a positive message, wrapped around a very funny and entertaining story. AND LOTS OF ACTION. Norihiro’s drawing style accentuates the core idea (don’t judge a person by its face, judge a person because of its heart). AND as the manga evolves, just like the characters do as they grow older and, actually, so does the author.

Later in the story arc the drawings get increasingly better, as the story and perhaps even the author mature. And even if he got some help with the illustrations, accepting one’s weaknesses is a sign of strength.

Thus the final note is:

10 / 10

Regardless of what you are into, mangas or not. The story of Angel Densetsu is a nice and funny adventure, with a positive message and a neat arc of tension. It’s everything a well developed  story needs to be and more. Unlike other “comic” stories the flow of action and new jokes will not grow repetitive, as new things are added to the mix. And while the core “scares” revolve around the same concepts, the story advances as new characters come in and “old” characters get used to situations and behave quite differently than their usual self at the beginning of the story. Its almost as if the story were ALIVE!


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  1. It’s really one of the most entertaining manga ever :-) I just loved it and the illustration style just suity the story, even if it looks somehow not always that professional.

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