One of my favorite vices besides… ehm, cat videos is DeviantArt ( an online community around original art (and of lately around boobies, the so-called MySpace Syndrome). All images are belong to their respective owners, used ONLY for educational purposes to melt our eyes out of their sockets with super-lama-awesomeness!!!! Meow! … What I mean is that, we fair-use the images to show that DeviantArt is a cool website.

Today’s Video Game Culture topic is DeviantArt

On a typical day at DeviantArt you will find the craziest, coolest, and most random assortment of fan art, sculpture, photography, traditional art and digital art. AND a good share of copyright infringement and camera whoring (sadly).

Where the website shines is on the crazy/fun department. You’ll find things like Kzbulat’s take on Dragon Ball Z


(c) Bulat Iraliyev, username: Kzbulat. 2012

Of course you’ll find some less-than-memorable art, but that makes the experience so much interesting. It’s like flee market of deviousness.

Flyyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnn!!! by Abraham Lopez is another personal favorite


(c) Abraham Lopez, username: ArtistAbe. 2012

DeviantArt is an online community about art, design and literature. But the site is “dominated” by fantasy, sci-fi and some nudity. You’ll find tons of really cool animations, photographies and texts, but for the most fantasy-esque digital illustrations rule. Because the community is growing so large they are encountering problems with copyright issues. The idea of DeviantArt is for users to portray original images and the site has strict rules in this regard. They also have rules on what an artist can post, things like hate-speech, pornography and extreme graphic material are not desired but erotic art and mild use of drugs is allowed. What is or isn’t allowed is many times a topic of heated discussion in the comments section.

For Profesional Use?

In my very personal opinion, DeviantArt is not necessarily the community to showcase your work for professional purposes. Why? Because the site is user friendly but not necessarily visitor friendly. Visitors can easily get lost into your favorites (deviations from other artists) rather than checking out your own deviations. BTW, images, texts and animations are called deviations in DeviantArt.

Due to the site’s structure and despite the administrator’s best efforts; visitors (which could be potential employers) can be, and probably will be confronted with unprofessional work (children drawings for example), hate/porn & graphic material OR even, better artists than yourself D:

For occasional “légère” search, social interactions and otherwise fun, DeviantArt is quite on target. The search-, display- and comment on- deviation options are useful (not too many and not too few). The profile display and edit options are also easy (not too many and not too few). Forums, chats, discussions are not so easy to find, but then again, the site is here to showcase your originality rather than art discussion per se.


DeviantArt is home to any one with the desire to make art, art in any form, any form that can be showcased on the Internet. So the variety is immense.

Deviations can go from the cutest eva’!!!!!3 like the web-series “StupidFox” by Emily Chan …


(c) by Emily Chan, username: SilentReaper. 2008

DeviantArt is not a community about sculpture, but you’ll find some pretty cool, disturbing, original and/or amazing sculptures, same goes for comics, photography, illustrations… and the same goes for genres, the site is not a community for something in particular, its a meeting point for chibi, design, horror, web-comic, parody, conceptual design, drama, etc. DeviantArt is home to quite a random assortment of cool deviants (as you can imagine a DeviantArt user is sometimes called a deviant), to the point where you have DeviantArt celebrities.

… Deviations can go even cuter S: like “Soft Dreamy Boudoir” by Geraldine Lamanna

deviantart_soft(c) by Geraldine Lamanna, username: gestiefeltekatze. 2013

Unfortunately amidst diversity you’ll find a lot of attention-desperate people, camera whoring. For example: Wide-leg-spreaded Lucy posing naked for a vertical cellphone shot of her most intimate with the title “wAITING 4 you YOLO :P!!!” And before you go to DeviantArt to look that up I made that up… By the way camera whoring means (more or less) when a dude or a girly girl takes a photo of themselves with an erotic intent with little effort on making or demonstrating art. So yes, diversity also means that any one can do something, call it art and post it on DeviantArt. So the site is not tailored towards “true” artistic intent but rather for a sub-culture/online-culture understanding of art.

… Deviations can also dive into the dark side like “Afro Brain” by username: Sachsen


(c) by DeviantArt username: sachsen. 2009

Bare in mind dear reader that Mr. Sachsen’s “Afro Brain” is cute in comparison to what he usually does (he or she, S: since I don’t his or her real name). And while we took a dive into the fun side of DeviantArt, the site does also feature some f*ed up material (that is still art) and serious photography and literature. What the site does not really shine for, at least not in a professional way, are conceptual drawings, for the whatever reason DeviantArt is barely sprinkled with very few decent samples of good concept art.

Concept Art by Rodrigo Vega (one of the few such deviants and my favorite)


(c) Rodrigo Vega, username: IRIRIV. 2013

Copyright Issues

As I mentioned before, you also find your full share of copyright infringement. Douchbags, erhmmm… I mean pre-teens posting hundreds of naked women they copy-pasted from somewhere else on the Internet, and people posting illustrations they “made” (by which they mean they slightly played with the color curve in Photoshop). The problem was gone as far as people claiming ownership of material that is original to deviantart (sometimes even with the deviantart watermark).

Most of the time copy-pasted material is eventually taken down, often after a long time has passed. On the other hand it is understandable that few administrators can’t possibly deal with the amounts users DeviantArt has, and the amount of new accounts and deviations being created and posted. But the fact that they make an effort is commendable.


Because my opinion about DeviantArt is SOOOO important :p and so; if you are looking for a place to see original art and/or showcase your original art, DeviantArt is for you. If you want a place to showcase your work professionally DeviantArt may be for you. If you are looking for a place to showcase the images of the Internet you like, DeviantArt is definitely not for you.

Last but not least, I present to you an original art from me :D

deviantart_monsta(c) by me, dah! :P ( 2007


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