What about a towel over your head?

And while moving in late into blogdome I have decided to publish a vlog of my own (a vlog is a video log of one’s thoughts on the Internet, tada). The idea behind this is simple. There are many blogs in the world, too many people giving their opinion, specially regarding popular topics. And so the idea to give my humble opinion on dark, weird topics was born.

Weird, bizarre, art movies are a thing of its own. Its hard to make out the good ones among the sea of garbage out there. Marketing (being an evil institute by nature) wants to push a product to the max, regardless of misleading promotion. Having the wrong expectations, or being unprepared for the true experience of a film/comic/game can be fatal.

Our eyes have been trained to face b.s. every time we dare a look into unconventional material… So what can you do? WHAT CAN YOU DO?! This is where I come in.

Mr. Towelhead is here to check out weird things (video games, comics, mangas, movies) and let you know which ones are decent and which ones are a piece of crap. The goal is to give you an insider view of the experience without ruining the plot (spoiler free, for the most). AND, dear weird-movie-goers, Mr. Towelhead will try his best to censor his foul mouth. S:

And remember kids, Mr. Towelhead is always watching … [slurp]

Ha, ha. Just kidding I can’t see anything with the towel.

And so without further ado: Linky-link to vlog (muahahahahaha)


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