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Weird Comic Review: A Story of the Island Errance

Greetings dear weird-comic-viewer and other people of the Internet. I’m Mr Burningstone, and I’ll be your host for the night. And we have something very special for you. A feminist […]

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Weird Movie Review: 28 Days Later

It seems that zombies and vampires are the currency at the moment, but there was a time when zombie movies needed a good excuse to be made. Mr. Towelhead proudly […]

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Movie Review: Starship Troopers

After so many dark, sad, BAD and borderline satanic posts I decided to wash away the bad taste with some good old badass action movie. Starship Troopers is a movie […]

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Weird Movie Review: Tetsuo the Ironman

Now we are talking, Mr. Towelhead takes on, one of the strangest japanese movies in the weird movie department. All images belong to Shinya Tsukamoto (director) and well I guess […]

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Manga Review: Blame!

After a bad manga we now wash away the bad taste with Blame! All images are copyright of master Tsutomu Nihei! To show you how architecture and manga can mix […]

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Manga Review: Gantz

All images are copyright of Mister Hiroya Oku, here to demonstrate, to educate YOU guys, on today’s topic. Gantz, the manga. Which, by the way is quite violent and sexy. […]

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Manga Review: Berserker (in High-Definition)

And this time around in english. And as always, all the illustrations are property of Kentaro Miura, and are used for educational purposes. Basically to demonstrate how shallow and mediocre… […]