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Weird movie review: Hobo with a Shotgun

RIP Rutger Hauer. May you keep citing the most sickass, badass monologues in hell, the devil be damned. So, dear weird-movie-goers and other people of the Internet, as usual I’m […]

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Weird Manga Review: Parasyte

Greetings dear Weird-Manga-Readers and other people of the Internet. I’m your host, Mr. Burningstone, bringing you another weird manga review. Horror, comedy? Science-fiction, slice of life? Manga and a good read? […]

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Manga Review: Gantz 2nd Edition

Back then in the early beginnings of time Mr. Towelhead gave his naughty opinion on Gantz and for some unexplainable reason that became the most popular blog-entry in the Towelhead […]

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Manga Review: Monster

I just finished Monster! It took me a few days because the story was decent and heavy, nothing you could swallow easily. It’s a story you must enjoy, every page […]

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Manga Review: Akira

One of the most renown mangas of all times (at least in the Seinen department) is Akira. Specially due to the feature animation movie Akira of 1988, obviously based on […]

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Manga Review: Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita, or better known as Gunnm in Japan and among manga aficionados is a manga created by Yukito Kishiro first aired, I mean printed, in 1990 to 1995. […]

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Manga Review: Berserker (in High-Definition)

And this time around in english. And as always, all the illustrations are property of Kentaro Miura, and are used for educational purposes. Basically to demonstrate how shallow and mediocre… […]